Your Pure Travel Guide To The Must-Try Foods From Around The World

by Julia on October 16, 2017

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One of the most satisfying aspects of travelling is the experience of having to try the local dishes of your destination.Enjoying the culinary delights of the country you visit brings you closer to understanding their culture and experiencing something different from what you’re used to.We understand that food is a necessity to human life and we don’t want you looking lost whenever you open a foreign menu and can’t recognize anything on it. So here are some of our top picks for food you have to try whenever you travel.

  1. Kha Soi – Thailand:

A curry broth combination of sweet, sour and spicy taste as well as smooth and crunchy at the same time. This dish just begs you to fall in love with it. A coconut milk base is the foundation of this meal while the curry can be cooked with pork, beef or chicken. Noodles can be mixed with boiled eggs at the bottom of the dish or fried scrambled eggs t sprinkled on top of it. If you’re ever in the Northern Thailand area make sure you try this out.

2. Goi Cuon (Fresh Spring Rolls) – Vietnam:

It’s always a wonder to see how many different meals the Vietnamese can make out of rice, and the Guo Cuon is no exception.

Found in any fancy or local restaurant, the fresh spring rolls is an everyday treat that is comprised of vegetables and open to any compliments. Vegetarians can skip the meat and still enjoy it with just vegetables. All the ingredients are then wrapped in rice paper and sweet chili, peanut sauce or even sweetened vinegar are served as dips for your rolls.

3. Aguachido – Mexico:

Some Mexican Restaurants around the world are able to serve up a delicious helping of Mexican food, but nothing really beats Mexican food served in Mexico. One of the tastiest to try is the Aguachido. Fresh vegetables, clamato and shrimp marinated in Lemon Juice make up this delicious mexican treat. Wallet and stomach friendly, you have to try this out whenever you find yourself in Mexico.

4. Confit De Canard – France:

France is not only known for its beautiful cities and romantic language, the French also thrive when it comes to making mouth-watering dishes. A must try among them is the Confit De Canard or duck confit. An incredibly tasty duck that has been slowly cooked for hours in its own fat, producing a soft magic duck that disappears in your mouth. Considered to be one of the best dishes to come out of France, take this meal with a side serving of potatoes, salad and iced lemon tea to seal the deal.

5. Nasi Lemak – Malaysia:

Another country capable of making different meals with rice is Malaysia; a favorite from their rice collection is the Nasi (Rice) Lemak. It is made with deep fried chicken, peanuts, cucumbers, sambal squid, half of a boiled egg, chili sambal anchovies and rice cooked in coconut milk. Served on a banana leaf to increase the fragrance of the rice, ensure you try this dish to discover the true taste of Asia.

6. Cipaille – Quebec, Canada:

Relatable to shepherd’s pie, this lasagna-style meal has layers and layers of meat with potato slices laid in between each layer of meat. Absolutely rich in taste when served with a meaty sauce and in a proper diner style with a cup of coffee to accompany it, Cipalle offers a great dining experience as well as a blend of the Canadian Quebec culture.

7. Locro de papa – Ecuador:

A tasty and mouth-watering cheese and potato soup that can be found in the highlands of Ecuador, made up of some of the most abundant Ecuadoran ingredients; garlic, achiote, milk, onions, potatoes and cumin. It is a traditional food that can be found in almost every restaurant in the region. Add this to your list and enjoy the perfectly blended combination of flavors when you serve this with a fresh topping of soft cheese or avocado.

8. Gallo Pinto – Costa Rica:

With a name that sounds like a classy bottle of wine, this traditional breakfast meal tastes nothing like wine would. This delicacy is a combination of black beans and rice, a small tortilla as well as scrambled eggs that is accompanied by fried banana. Besides its exquisite taste, this is also healthy for a breakfast meal. Most vegetarians like to exempt the egg and include the flesh of a ripe avocado pear instead to create a delicious alternative taste.

9. Masala Dosa – India:

When it comes to food, India is an amazing country that can have your taste buds tingling from flavors you haven’t experienced before. From curry to tandoori, roti and all the spectacular street food you’re bound to come across, one of the standout meals is another breakfast special, the Masala Dosa.

Masala Dosa is slim pancake/crepe like style that is made from lentils and rice batter, then packed with spiced potatoes and onions for a delicious fragrance as well as red chutney for a spicy kick, hot or cold. It is served flat or rolled up. Add a side of chili, mint or coconut and this tasty meal is ready to go.

10. Tagine – Morocco:

One of the meals on this list that you’ll thank us for after you try it is cooked in a special clay pot shaped like a dome. This Berber stew is mixed with chicken, lamb or beef and various vegetables.

A savory must-try that lets your tongue know you’re no longer home and that this is new. It can be served with couscous, lemon for taste and eaten with the hands.


Wherever you find yourself around the world, you’ll find that it’s not the complicated dishes you end up loving, but rather the ones made with fresh and simple ingredients and by experienced loving hands.

We hope you enjoyed our list of must-try foods from around the world and that you actually get to try some of them.

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