Top Tips Of Staying Healthy While Traveling To South East Asia

by Julia on July 21, 2017

One of the greatest concerns, when one is traveling to a foreign country or region, is to maintain a good health. No one would like to get sick and affect their holiday or business trip. Before Visa Express Singapore assists you to settle down in Singapore through visa applications for business and employment, they highly advise on how to maintain a good health. Likewise, people visiting for holiday or any other reason whether temporary or permanent can maintain a good health through the following tips.

Take vaccinations and carry some medicine

Each state in the South East of Asia has their regulations when it comes to immunizations. If not so, it is then prudent to do a research of any possible illnesses you can contract and take an immunization where possible. There are reliable websites you can use to refer, e.g. the CDCs website which offers guidance on all areas in the world. You can consult your local medical experts for advice if you are not sure of this.

Carrying some medication like anti – diarrhea, mosquito repellent and any other relevant medications will help to deal with any misfortune. Reports have previously indicated that foreigners immunity is lower to regions illnesses than the locals. This puts you at a higher risk and thus, being ready is crucial.

Have a travel insurance

In most cases, people traveling to South East Asia may not have a lot of disposable money. If the travel reason is for employment or business purposes, then you do not need unnecessary costs or something to jeopardize the purpose of the trip. Travel insurance prepares you for the unfortunate happening and saves you money. If there is a need for medical treatment, the insurance company will cater for that as long as the cover allows.

The diet

Depending on the region you come from, you will probably be exposed to new cuisine altogether. A change of diet can affect some people through food poisoning, allergy and other related disorders like diarrhea. If you are on a business trip, I bet you don’t want to go through this prior to your appointments. Starting with food which is similar or related to that in your region should be your first priority and only try the new delicacies after a day or two.

Drinking a lot of water and other health drinks like fresh juices is also advisable to all people. They keep you well hydrated and assists to flush out any toxins in the body.


South East of Asia is a hot and humid region particularly for the countries near the water bodies like Singapore. Therefore, consider using light cotton clothes which are both absorbent and allows air to go through. You can consult your local tourist information center or travel agent for more information about the weather of the areas you are traveling to.


Before you travel, make sure that all your documents are ready and put well together. While one is in a foreign region, any misfortune will require you to present valid documents to get help whether health related or any other.

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