What to Expect When Renting a Lavish Villa in Mykonos

by Julia on July 4, 2017

If the name Mykonos doesn’t immediately bring to mind shiny white constructions, turquoise skies and tanned bodies adorning golden sandy beaches, you’ve been living under a rock. The most famous cosmopolitan island of Greece -a whitewashed paradise in the heart of the Cyclades -is all about liveliness and attracts diversely upscale tourism that blossoms on it’s stylish nightlife. According to Greek mythology, Mykonos was molded from the frightened bodies of monsters slayed by Hercules. The island takes it’s name from the grandson of Apollo, Mykonos.

If the reasons above are not enough to awake the traveler inside you, then you might be interested in knowing that Greece is the birthplace of Western civilisation, democracy, Western philosophy, Olympics, Western literature, political science, significant scientific and mathematical principles, and Western drama.

On the other hand, the Mykonos experience becomes richer if you are staying in a lavish villa. The reason is rather straightforward and obvious; a comfortable stay filled with luxurious amenities will enable you to have an energy-driven day touring around. If this appeals to you, consider a Mykonos villa rental with an award winning company like Blue Villas – the winner of the 2016 best serviced luxury villas trophy by World Luxury Hotel Awards. Try not to rent a villa from an unbeknown company, as you simply won’t know what to expect. The above is just one example that you could choose from.

The Lavish Villa

Your dream vacation starts well before you reach Mykonos. The majority of villa management firms have qualified lifestyle consultants to schedule a personalised package by combining all your desires and turning them into unique and practical suggestions. Once you give them approval, the on-site concierge team will carry out each detail. The support staff works 24/7 to ensure all your needs and desires are fully met. The Greek hospitality in the genes of the support staff makes the fulfilment of your wishes swift.

Therefore, whether you want to celebrate an anniversary at the villa, have a special couple’s night in the town, or just want to relax with a massage, choosing an amenities-rich villa makes it all possible. Ask any seasoned traveler, the majority would vouch for the fact that there is simply no tailor-made service that is not available in Mykonos villas.

A beachside villa in Mykonos offers a dreamlike location which virtually touches the water’s edge. The majority of such villas are operated by boutique hotels located nearby, making all of the services and amenities a call away. The real uniqueness of such a villa is the outright privacy it offers while overlooking the sapphire Aegean Sea and many other splendid views.

Lavish Villas in Mykonos offer the following services:


Inside the villa, structural panels are installed to conveniently isolate or unify the living room and bedroom according to your heart’s desire for privacy or entertainment. Moreover, a spacious terrace perfect for al fresco breakfasts, lounging and sunbathing while overlooking the Aegean Sea further enhances the good life of  villas in Mykonos.

Outdoor Offerings

  1. Private swimming pool

  2. Outdoor Jacuzzi

  3. Modern sun beds

  4. Pergola shaded spaces

  5. Pool terrace

  6. Wooden deck

  7. Gardens

  8. Private parking area


  1. Air Conditioning in all rooms and common areas

  2. Fully equipped kitchen

  3. Sound hi-fi system

  4. TV in all bedrooms

  5. Wi-Fi Internet access

  6. Hair dryer

  7. Personal care kit in every room

  8. Safe box

  9. Laundry & Ironing Service


  1. Concierge service

  2. Daily Housekeeping

  3. Arrival meet and greet

  4. On-site private chef

  5. Spa Treatment

  6. Massage Therapists

  7. Beauty Services

Furthermore, depending upon your budget you can also avail the following services:

  1. Yacht Charters

  2. Helicopter Tours

  3. Water Sports and Activities

  4. Airport / Port Transfers

  5. Car Rentals

  6. Tailor-made arrangements

The individuality of Mykonos is it’s spectacular waterfront villas with a focus on luxury, quality, privacy and exceptionality. Hence, from architecture and location to surrounding locales and ambiance, each extravagant property in Greece’s most cosmopolitan island narrates a different story. Therefore, you will find a holiday home that is perfect for your taste.

The competitive tourist industry of Mykonos means that many companies are offering fantastic holiday homes, however  few have the strategic advantage of being close to the heart of the island. The advantage of being so close means that whenever you feel like dancing and enjoying a couple of cocktails, the hustle and bustle of downtown is only a few minutes away.

Therefore, to experience the best of both worlds, make sure to find a luxurious villa in Greece that meets all of your criteria.

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