6 Things You Need When Travelling To The EU as a US or Canadian Citizen

by Julia on April 21, 2017

Your holiday is not going to get off to a good start if you haven’t managed to get your vital travel documents ready. The documents you will probably need are your passport, rail pass, student and hostel cards, international driving permit and more. You must make certain that you have these ready well ahead of your departure as they often take some time to process. Provide yourself with ample lead-time.

6# Passports

In most of Europe, the only document that a resident of USA or Canada requires is the passport.  US Passport Card is a document that works just for the people driving or cruising to neighbouring countries such as Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, and Bermuda, you cannot use this in Europe.

5# Visas

The visa is basically a stamp positioned within your passport by any foreign administration, letting you make entry into their nation. Visas aren’t requirement for US or Canadian citizens on a tour of Western Europe and the greater part of the East, which include Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Baltic states.

On entering with no visa you’re formally on “brief stay tourist” status. In Schengen region, that implies that you are free to stay for a maximum of 90 days within a period of 180 days. The greater part of non-Schengen nations of Europe also feature a  limit  of 90 days, with the UK being a exception that lets you stay for a maximum of 6 months within a period of12 months. If you feel that your journey could extend ahead of three months, you must get imaginative with your journey plans. An instance is spending the mandatory length of time outer to the Schengen locale ahead of re-entering.

If you require a visa, it’s generally best to acquire it in your home nation ahead of leaving.

4# Student Cards & Hostel Memberships

ISIC is the sole internationally acknowledged apprentice ID card that lets you have discounts on shopping, transportation, hotels, restaurants, sightseeing, and , entertainment all through Europe, and consists of a number of fundamental trip insurance. Once you are a full-time apprentice that you can get a card. Your ISIC card is also usable in the form of a prepaid credit card. However, if you are aged over 26 years, you could have problems using it in a number of places.


The EHIC is basically a card that offers you access to medicinal care whenever you tour any EU nation. You can apply for this on this website It is an incredibly useful document to make an application for whenever you go overseas for a vacation or any additional purpose, and it is simple to arrange.


There are a couple of cards that offer analogous discounts like ISIC despite the fact that they’re frequently not honored. If you’re teacher on a trip of Europe you must have the ITIC card. The other card’s the IYTC and it’s meant for non-student tourists aged below 26 years.

1# Rail Passes and auto Documents

A good number of rail passes aren’t on sale in Europe and have to be bought by travelers before they depart. In the event you decide to rent a car, you must know that a global Driving Permit is mandatory in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Austria, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Spain.

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