8 top tips for travelling and staying in contact with your family

by Julia on March 21, 2017

Don’t think that being a full-grown adult living away from your parents’ home means that they – and, indeed, other members of your family – won’t fret when you travel! Keeping in regular contact with your family will help put them at ease. There are several ways in which you can do that effectively.

Take a smartphone, not a basic phone

If you still routinely use a basic phone or, to use an alternative term that is popular in the media, “dumbphone”, you should seriously consider upgrading to a smartphone. As this article will make clearer, such a phone will give you a broader choice of ways in which to communicate.

Consider taking an iPhone in particular

If it’s a practical possibility, get your hands on an iPhone. The special benefits of this type of phone include Apple’s built-in communication apps, including Messages and FaceTime, which are exclusive to iPhone. Furthermore, plenty of third party communication apps for available for this device.

Have cross-platform communication apps ready

While Apple’s iMessage and FaceTime services are great for use in reaching people who have Apple devices, these services are useless for contacting people whose phones aren’t Apple-made. Therefore, making sure that you have installed cross-platform alternatives like Skype and WhatsApp can be a good idea.

Obtain a local SIM card at your destination

Mobile phones are so widespread around the world that, in many countries, it can be wonderfully straightforward and inexpensive to obtain a SIM card that works in your current phone. That SIM card will provide your phone with a local number, as explained by Travels of Adam.

Be clever with how you use mobile data

Given the expense of buying new mobile data, it would pay to be choosy about when and where you use it. There are ways in which you can cleverly trim your data usage. For example, use your smartphone’s GPS to help yourself get around. This GPS can be used without a data connection, as QuickAndDirtyTips.com notes.

Seek free Wi-Fi hotspots when you can

When on your travels, you could find that Wi-Fi hotspots are available at various places, including cafes, retail stores and hotels. Such hotspots that are free could allow you to converse with your family in an especially cost-effective manner. However, be warned that, as public Wi-Fi networks tend not to be as secure as mobile networks, you should be careful what you use them for.

Don’t shy away from social media

On Facebook, you could “check-in” to a particular location, enabling you to keep your family notified of where you are. You could also regularly post photos to your Facebook page, allowing your loved ones to share in the excitement of your trip away.

Save money on international calls

Registering an account with Planet Numbers could be a good move before you depart. This company enables its customers to, in many instances, make cheap or even free international calls. The company’s website includes comprehensive information about how to get started with it all.


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