A Guide to Packing for Your Skiing Holiday

by Julia on September 30, 2016

If you’ve just booked yourself a trip to the ski slopes, then you’re about to embark on the winter holiday of a lifetime. We all know exactly what to pack when off to a beachside location for the week, but it gets a lot more confusing when off on a skiing holiday. The same baggage restrictions apply but you need a lot more clothing to keep you warm when among the piles of glistening snow. Well don’t panic because we’ve made this guide to make packing for your skiing holiday stress free, just follow our five tips and you’ll be sure to take exactly what you need without going over your baggage limit.

Find Out What’s in Your Accommodation

Most accommodation, like these chalets in Chamonix, will provide you with the essentials that you need for your trip. Make sure you check before you travel though, as if you arrive and find that they don’t provide towels then it’s going to be a disaster. Also find out what shops are on site, to see what you can buy while you’re there.

Can You Hire Ski Equipment?

Ski equipment can be bulky, and you probably won’t want to travel with it, so have a look at whether you can hire ski equipment when you’re there. The likelihood is that you will be able to, but you might want to check out the prices to see if it’s something you can afford on your trip or not. You might want to take some of your own equipment and hire other bits while there.

Don’t Forget Sun Cream

Do not be fooled into thinking that you won’t catch the sun as it’s winter. It can be very powerful when you’re out on the slopes, so make sure you cover your face and any other visible body parts before heading out for the day. You’ll also find that your skin might become dry, so sun cream is a great way to stay moisturized.

Be Savvy with What You Wear on the Plane

Baggage allowances can be stingy; so be savvy with what you wear for the journey. Things like ski jackets are something you can wear and then take off while on the plane, and it will save you a lot of space in your bag by wearing this one item. Try to wear your heaviest shoes as well, to keep your bag extra light.

Take Plenty of Underwear

As you’d expect, being in the snow all day will make your clothes wet through, right down to the bottom layer. So make sure you pack plenty of pairs of socks and underwear for your trip. While you can leave them to dry and wear them again, you’ll probably find yourself needing several changes a day.

By following these simple tips you’ll be sure to pack perfectly for your ski trip. It only takes a bit of preparation and savvy packing to ensure that you beat the baggage allowances and take everything you need.

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