How To Get Into America – Things You Need

by Julia on September 2, 2016

Many people from all over the world have successfully managed to move across to the USA but it is also incredibly important that you are able to find all the necessities to make the transition easy. Moving to a new country can be a daunting yet exciting process, and the US has always had a reputation of being one of the most powerful countries in the world when it comes to politics, economics and trade. If all the aspects of moving abroad have been researched thoroughly and given ample time to be successfully achieved, there is no reason as to why your move won’t be smooth. Here is a handy guide of things you will need to move to the USA.


You will need prior authorisation to enter the United States which you can obtain either through a visa, a Permanent Resident Card, or the US Visa Waiver Programme. The VWP allows most British Citizen passport holders to visit the US for up to 90 days which will include tourism, certain types of business visit as well as transit to another country.  However if you plan to live there then you will also need to obtain the appropriate residency visa. You will also need to ensure that your passport is in date and is not close to expiring.


As well as all the appropriate documentation you will also need a place to live. One of the biggest appeals for most people relocating to the US is the fact that cost of living is generally cheaper. The US economy has seen great substantial recovery especially in most recent years however it is still important to note that the cost of living in America does widely depend on where you are so it can vary from state to city.

As the city, New York has been dubbed as the fifth most expensive city in the world in 2014. Other prime areas including Boston, San Francisco and Los Angeles are also fairly pricey and could set you back when it comes to property, utilities and overall cost of entertainment and leisure. There are also many affordable places to live as well, and all you need to do is research the city or stated that is most affordable to you.


The US has a very different healthcare system compared to countries like Britain, which of course has the NHS a free public healthcare system. If you live in the US their healthcare system is reliant on insurance which you will need but can be expensive. You will need to have health insurance on order to have any medical care, so this should be included in your budget as soon as you arrive. Unlike the NHS, healthcare is not one of those things made free at the point of access through taxes, which you will also be liable for when you make the move to the US. All in all America is a great country to live in, and things will go smoothly as long as you obtain all the things you need too.

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