Exciting Activities For Your Outdoor UK Holiday

by Julia on August 22, 2016

While the UK may not be the most tropical of holiday locations, it still has a lot to offer. From the desolate Highlands in Scotland and the rugged but often damp Lake District to the sunnier and more coastal counties of Cornwall and Devon, there is myriad opportunities to get outside and enjoy an outdoor holiday. Plan your holiday to include activities like walking and hiking, cycling, rock climbing, kayaking, and fishing. Pack a tent, sleeping equipment, and other outdoor equipment. Plan your holiday around everybody that will be going, and ensure that the location you choose is one that meets all likes. There’s no reason to spend your entire time biking or walking; try something unique or unusual to make your trip more memorable.


One thing the UK has in abundance is water. As well as hundreds of miles of coastline, there are rivers, fisheries, canals, and lakes; many of which offer the opportunity to grab your fishing rig and see what you can catch. Head to coastal regions like Morecambe, go boat fishing in the Lake District, or book one of the numerous fisheries that are located everywhere from Scotland to the outskirts of London. Buy rigs, or equipment, for all family members and guests that you will be taking. You can combine fishing with hiking, make the ideal camping trip, and prepare the fish that you catch on an open fire in the evening.


The Peak District, the Lake District, and Somerset are just some of the regions where you will find caving opportunities. If you are inexperienced, ensure that you use a reputable caving company that will teach you the basics and that will help ensure that everybody is safe and enjoys the experience. If you are more experienced, then you can find more complex caving systems and you don’t necessarily need to use an outdoor activity company.  Cheddar Gorge in Somerset is a well-known caving system, while Giant’s Hole in the Peak District is another opportunity worth considering.


Despite the UK’s prohibitive gun laws, there are a number of ways in which you can try your hand at shooting. Clay pigeon and skeet style shooting clubs can be found everywhere, while paint balling and air rifle shooting activities are also prevalent in some regions. Air rifles do not require a licence in the UK, and even children aged between 14 and 17 are legally permitted to use air rifles but not to buy or rent them. Always ensure that you shoot safely, and consider visiting a gun club if in any doubt. Blackpool rifle and pistol club is just one of a network of such clubs.

Flying And Gliding

Blackpool also offers several opportunities to try flying, or to enjoy an arranged flight. Helicopter pleasure cruises take users up and down the coast. Bowland Forest Gliding Club provides instruction on how to use a glider. Gliding is arguably the most accessible means of learning to fly. Gliders can reach speeds of up to 100mph but if you want a more authentic fighter pilot experience, you can take lessons in a Tiger Moth WW2 fighter at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford.

Wake Boarding

Wake boarding offers another opportunity to take advantage of the UK’s abundance of water. Abersoch offers a truly authentic experience, being the home of Wakestock which started in 2000. There are also wakeboarding opportunities in the Lake District, at some of the larger lakes throughout the UK, and at private water parks. Blackpool Wake Park offers affordable wakeboarding for participants of all experience and skill levels.

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