What to take with you on your European journey

by Julia on July 22, 2016

Packing a travel bag can be a daunting experience and it’s simply not possible to take everything, and even if you could, over packing is a terrible idea. So if you’re planning of exploring Europe from Africa, then we’ve got you covered and will help take the big stress out of packing your bag. Of course, if push came to shove you’d be fine if all you had on your person was your passport and your bank card, presuming there is some money in your account. Although that isn’t the recommended way to travel and it’s always best to have what you actually need and be able to bring organisation, security and even a sense of comfort to your travels.


A handful of t-shirts, literally two or three, one of which you can mess-up or sleep in, and make sure your day time one is made from a special fabric designed to suck sweat away from your body. Some travellers prefer a polo shirt as it looks smarter, has a collar you can turn up and protect your neck from the sun and you can always stick a t-shirt on underneath if the temperature drops. Ensure you have at least one long-sleeve shirt too, even better if the sleeves can be rolled up and fastened. Shirts are the one item of clothing that can make you look less like a tourist and are practical.
Two pairs of lightweight trousers that are quick drying are ideal for the everyday traveller. You don’t want them too tight, especially in the blistering sunshine. Similarly you’d be best off leaving your jeans at home. They are unforgiving in the heat and are can be very difficult to wash and dry. Avoid shorts, you’ll stick out as a tourist like a sore thumb, and you’ll almost never see locals wearing shorts.
Take a maximum of six pairs of underwear and socks. You can always wash them. Finally pack your swimwear if you think you’ll use them.


Sandals are a must in hot climates, you can’t beat the feeling of fresh air on your feet, but these aren’t as suitable for long walks or rugged terrain. In many of the popular destinations it is far too hot to wear serious hiking boots, they could be the worst thing you pack. A light running shoe may be a better option if you expect to do a lot of walking and are perfect for trekking in cooler weather. Heavily vented shoes sit somewhere between sandals and shoes, and they are ideal for water use such as rafting. They offer the coverage and protection of a shoe whilst still having something cooling in hot climates.

Other Essentials

Heaven forbid you get ill or sick during your European adventures, but if you do you’ll be glad you have your European Health Insurance Card. Click here for an EHIC renewal. A trek-type towel that is ultra-absorbing and fast-drying. A platypus style water bottle (that goes flat when empty), a baseball cap for keeping the sun off your face and finally, a book, magazine, MP3 player or whatever you prefer for entertainment during down time.

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