The Rise of Golf Holidays In Scotland

by Julia on July 20, 2016

Golf holidays in Scotland continue to stay popular over time and act as a major part of Scotland’s economy – contributing an estimated £220 million a year from golf-related tourism alone.

The game of golf famously originates in Scotland, and it’s that, along with the steady growth of golf’s popularity over the years, that has made Scotland a popular hot-spot for golfing holidays.

Original home of golfing

Although some records had shown a golf-like game being played in the Netherlands long before it was coined in Scotland, many still consider Scotland to be the definitive birthplace of golf. This status alone is enough to interest holiday-goers worldwide.

Scotland’s golfing hotels and holidays have a feeling of authenticity that no other country can boast. The world-renowned St. Andrew Links in Fife proudly wears the title “home of golf”, and regularly appears on lists of best golfing holiday resorts worldwide.

St. Andrew Links has one of the oldest courses in the world, with rounds of golf being played there since the 15th century. For golfing enthusiasts, Scotland offers more than just fun golfing – it also provides a sense of historical significance.

Professional golfing

Nothing stirs up interest in a sport quite like a good international competition. A great deal of tourism is attracted from people who simply want to enjoy the tournaments that are hosted in Scotland.

Many professional tournaments have been hosted in Scotland, such as the Ryder Cup and the PGA tour. They possibly host there to acquire that sense of authenticity to their games.

St. Andrews alone has hosted multiple major international golfing tournaments for as long as golfing tournaments have existed, and the old course at St. Andrews course is due to hold host to the PGA Tour Senior Open Championship in 2018.

With golfing championships, big or small, frequently looking to host in Scotland, you can be sure that tourism and the booking reservations for golfing getaways aren’t going to let up anytime soon.

The golf package holiday

Golfing enthusiasts are a large demographic amongst visiting tourists, so to meet the demand for authentic golfing several package holidays can now be found that cater to tourists golfing needs.

From Scotland’s illustrious golfing history and the popularity of professional golfing, a new type of luxurious holiday package has come about that lets guests experience all Scotland has to offer, with an emphasis on golf.

Places such as Scotia Golfing take care of the irritating booking aspect of golfing and provide great courses to play on. On top of this, guests can enjoy other authentic Scottish experiences, such as malt whisky tasting and heritage sight-seeing.

As one of Scotland’s biggest claims to fame and proudest tradition, golf will undoubtedly remain a big contributor to Scottish tourism in the future. A rise is already predicted that will add £300 million to Scotland’s economy.

Whether it’s to experience some Scottish history, take in a professional championship, or simply make it one aspect of a larger, authentic Scottish holiday, there is no ignoring golf’s influence on tourists and the world.

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