Top 10 Tips for Capturing the Perfect Holiday Snaps

by Julia on June 17, 2016

We live in an age where, for better or worse, everyone is a photographer. Every person with a smart phone, or even a dumb phone, has access to an instrument which can capture an image and reproduce it to the entire world. That is amazing to think about, considering that this change all happened within a couple of decades or less.

With that in mind, the craft of making a good photo is as important as it was before everyone had a camera in their pockets. Let’s take a look at 10 tips to keep in mind while shooting with a mobile.

Lighting is Everything

If you can, take photos during the golden hour. Check here for local hours when the sun is either setting or rising in your area. No matter what you are shooting, things look way better when bathed in golden sunlight.

A Steady Hand

One of the biggest issues with amateur photography is how blurry things can because of suboptimal lighting conditions, but also because of shaky hands. If one turns out blurry, try taking a few more until you can get the picture right without shaking.

Turn on more Lights

Did we mention lighting? If a picture is too dark, your camera will compensate by raising the ISO and making it really noisy. This means you will lose fidelity, and your end result will be grainy. Solution? Turn on a light or two, inside or outside, to illuminate your subjects.

Don’t Zoom

Most zooms are digital, meaning that no extra detail is gained. You can always crop a photo later if you want.

Wipe the Grime

It is easy to slime up the lens with face grease since we use our cameras as phones, after all. Before shooting, use a shirt (or microfiber cloth) to clean it off.

Employ the Rule of Thirds

Many camera apps will have an overlay that will help with composition known as the rule of thirds. Feature your subject in the middle square, or off centre at the corners of the same square.

Avoid Filters/Software Gimmicks

Filters can be fun, sure, but if you want a decent photo that is not just for making your three year old nephew laugh at the doggy snout on your face, do yourself a favour and ignore them.

Switch up Vantage Points

Try squatting, or getting a higher point of view by climbing a nearby building, the next time you snap a photo.

Be Patient

The perfect photo won’t always come to you. Sometimes you have to wait for the perfect moment, and be ready to snap it when it comes.

Go Crazy

Be creative. Take a bunch of photos, and learn what works and doesn’t as you go along. There is no penalty for taking a bad photo (just remember to delete it or your storage will fill up quick)!

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