It has never been easier to visit Paris

by Julia on May 23, 2016

What springs to mind when you think of Paris? For most it is the Eiffel Tower, artisan cafes and the world famous Champs-Elysees. France has much to offer, but Paris is certainly the jewel in the crown.

Whether you have been to Paris a number of times before, or if it’s your first time, there’s something for everyone and Paris never ceases to amaze and enchant time and time again. What’s even better is that it’s never been easier to visit Paris, with the travel connections and travel options making it more accessible than ever for every budget.

So if you want to get to Paris, other than booking a Holiday Taxis transfer, how can you get there?

You can get the Eurostar direct from London and be in Paris in two hours and 15 minutes. With up to twelve trains a day, you will not be waiting for long. The best part of Eurostar has to be the fact that you go city centre to city centre. When you arrive in Paris, there are no additional transfers – once you get off the train you are right in the city centre. With ticket prices from £39 in peak season (August) for a single, it is a quick, cheap and easy way to visit the capital.

With 17 UK airports, including London, Edinburgh, Belfast, Southampton and Cardiff all flying direct to Paris, there is bound to be a flight departing for Paris near you. Not flying from the UK? A large number of airlines fly direct into Paris Charles De Gaulle airport from the US, Canada, South America and all major European cities.

So, you’ve got your travel sorted, but what about the accommodation? Well, Paris has a whole host of different accommodation options. Paris has always been famous for its welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. One of the latest trends is to use Airbnb. Save yourself some cash, put on your adventure cap and dive into Parisian culture by staying with a local! Airbnb offers you the option to either rent out an entire flat or apartment for your own use, or we highly recommend just renting a room. Why? What better way to immerse yourself in Parisian life than to get to know a local? They will point you towards areas of exploration within the city that your guidebook won’t.

If the idea of staying in a stranger’s house does not appeal, there’s no shortage of hotels. There is anything from 5* luxury, through to boutique hotels and hostels.

The best bit of advice for anyone travelling to Paris is to become a Parisian and to “flaner”, which means to stroll. Open your eyes, get out and wander! You will be surprised what you find. There are many lesser known shops, museums and restaurants, all of which are untouched by the crowds of tourists but adored by the locals.

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