What Do Dogs and Puddings Have in Common? Find the Answer in York!

by Julia on May 10, 2016

Sometimes travellers pick a location based on thought associations that are favourable to them.  For example, many people visit Italy for the pasta and pizza dishes, many people choose to visit Coney Island for their world famous hot dogs, and many others choose to visit Japan for a true taste of sushi.   So what does York have that tourists want to try? Yorkshire puddings of course!

When many tourists think of York, they think of the rich history, the beautiful cathedral, little Yorkshire Terrier dogs, and every Yorkshireman’s favourite treat: Yorkshire puddings.  But York has so much more to offer! Keep reading to find out more about dogs and puddings.  You never know, after reading this article you may end up wanting to see the city for yourself.  And if you do, there are plenty of sights to see, things to do and so many hotels in York that you may even find one that features Yorkshire pudding on its 5 star menu!

Killer Yorkshire Terriers

Unless you are proudly owned by one of those lovable little Yorkshire Terriers, you may not know that they were originally bred to be killers. A pint sized killer you ask? In fact, Yorkies were bred to hunt down (and of course kill) rats in the many textile mills York was famous for way back in the 1860s. Although Yorkshire Terriers originally came from Scotland, many kennel club experts state emphatically that the breed saw improvements upon arrival in York and so this is how the breed got its name.

Yorkshire Pudding – A Commoner’s Dish Gone Royal

While little is really known about the actual origins of Yorkshire pudding, what we do know is quite interesting. Back at a time when there were blights, famines and a feudal society that left little for the tables of commoners, Yorkshire pudding had its humble beginnings. A dish comprised of flour, eggs and either water or milk, it was served as a main course with a bit of gravy because it was quite filling and of course cheaply made from ingredients at hand.

Over time the dish evolved to include meats and a tastier gravy. It became traditional Sunday lunch fare for the tables of royalty and commoner alike. The ingredients largely depended on the resources of the table for which it was prepared, but still today Yorkshire pudding is a world-famous dish that everyone has to try at least once in a lifetime. Why not try it first on your holiday in York?

The historic County of York in the North of England is indeed the largest county which means there will be plenty to see and do. Why not visit one of the historic 14 Yorkshire castles listed as being accessible (or at least viewable) to the public? See some of the listed textile buildings that ‘employed’ Yorkies as their rat-killing dogs and of course sit at a table with a scrumptious platter of Yorkshire puddings in front of you. It gets no better than this so make sure to put York on your list of places to visit next time around.

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