Our World: Hidden Beauties

by Julia on May 3, 2016

I don’t mean to make out that the places in this list of travel destinations are actually hidden or that I’m the only one who knows about them, I simply mean that there are many wonderful places on this planet that people don’t seem to go to as often as I think they should. People stick to the same tourist destinations, Spain, The Maldives, New York, London, Australia etc. But what about some ‘hidden’ gems that the world is just only waking up to.

Also, don’t you hate it when you’re a tourist in a place fill of tourists! These places are almost guaranteed to have very little tourism.


Amalfi is a town on the Amalfi coast in Italy. Normally when people think of travelling to Italy their mind conjures up visions of pizza in Naples, history in Rome, art in Florence, or swimming in the great Italian lakes. You could bring your finger down randomly on the map if Italy and find some enchanting forgotten corner. Amalfi may not be exactly forgotten, or entirely hidden, but it does make for a different Italian trip. This ancient town perfectly captures the beauty of Italian coastal life. It’s in a stunning area of natural beauty and features old world charm like nowhere else.


Yes, the famed Elba in the Mediterranean that Napoleon was exiled to. Off the coast of Tuscany, this island is relatively untouched by tourists, except those interested in French history. It holds all the beauty and peace that coastal Italy holds without the multitude of tourists and commercialism. There’s always something special about holidaying on small islands, and this is no exception; plus Italy is only a small boat ride away, if you fancied a break.


Croatia’s tourism industry is blossoming at the moment. For a long time, Croatia lay forgotten near Greece, but recently there has been a massive movement of tourists to this almost fairy-tale land. You might think that’s hyperbolic, but just have a look at some pictures of Croatia and you’ll see what I mean. It’s got a staggering level of beauty that must come from its ideal geographical location. If you’re thinking of going, I’d recommend Split of Zadar as possible places, but there are towns up and down its magnificent coast that would be well worth a visit. You could even go on one of those accompanied touring holidays if you’re not sure what to see and do in Croatia, as they will be able to take you on a tour of the best spots.


Moving away from the Med and up north a bit to Austria we find the county of Tyrol. Chances are you’ve never heard of Tyrol before but if you imagine Austria in your mind, Tyrol looks like that. The first three places I mentioned are best experienced in summer, but Tyrol on the other hand (although amazingly beautiful in summer) is best found in the snow. It’s a winter paradise. You can just imagine the snowy fields and white-topped trees, with the mountains looming over you from a distance and you, sat in a wooden cabin with a hot alcoholic beverage lounging round a fire and snuggled with a giant blanket of faux-fur. Are you booking your tickets yet?

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