What makes a holiday Child Friendly?

by Julia on September 4, 2015

Your family holiday will be something that you look forward to throughout the year. A chance to get away from the stresses of busy work commitments and everyday life; your holiday is a chance to spend some much needed quality time with your family. Organising a holiday that is child friendly can be a bit of worry however as the last thing you want on your holiday is bored children.

So what makes a holiday truly child friendly? Some package holiday providers, such as Away with the Kids, specialise in child friendly holidays and this can be a great place to start when looking to organise your family getaway. In order to make sure that your family holiday is perfect and keeps everyone happy you will need to look for amenities and activities which are child friendly and also keep the rest of the family happy. This can sometimes be a difficult balance to manage.


When looking to book your holiday accommodation it is important to make sure that it has everything you need for the kids. Child friendly accommodation can include cots, bed guards and high chairs for the smaller members of your family to help make your stay that little bit easier. If you are booking a hotel then a child friendly room will usually be situated on the ground floor to make it safer for young children too, and may include the option for a fridge to store milk and cold drinks, particularly in warmer climates. Hiring a child friendly holiday cottage or villa will include some of the basics you have for your children at home but to be truly child friendly the property must be safe too. Child friendly accommodation should always include safety features such as stair gates and pool enclosures to help give you peace of mind on your family getaway.

Keeping busy

There is nothing worse than a bored child when you are trying to enjoy your holiday. Kids love to be doing things and being entertained so a child friendly holiday should include plenty of activities for your family to do. Some holiday destinations are perfect for families who enjoy being on the go with plenty of places to explore, walks to go on and beaches to keep the kids occupied. Family friendly holiday parks may also offer kids clubs and evening discos to keep children busy at any time of the day. Many popular holiday destinations will have water and amusement parks in the vicinity, which are great for family day trips.


Children can often be fussy eaters, especially if you have decided to holiday abroad where the food is exotic and different. To make your holiday child friendly for even the pickiest of eaters you should consider what food options there will be for your children. Are there restaurants locally that can provide child friendly foods or does your accommodation allow for you to prepare your own home cooked meals? Some package holidays have children’s buffets which will have an at least one type of meal your child will love.

Don’t forget mum and dad!

Family holidays are there to be enjoyed by every member of the family and it is important to remember that a child friendly holiday needs to make the parents happy too. Babysitting or child minding services may be perfect for your family holiday for the kids to have a day playing at kids club while mum and dad enjoy a massage or even just a snooze by the pool. Child friendly villas and cottages are ideal for allowing parents to relax too knowing that the children can play safely nearby while you relax with a good book. Happy parents make for happy children after all.

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