The beautiful Koh Tao of Thailand: Diving Paradise

by Jules on May 6, 2014

Koh Tao is the global destination for diving. If Koh Samui is the best location for adventure activities, Koh Tao is the best for diving. It’s for those who want to dive in paradise and experience a dream setting. Koh Tao is a paradise under water, but not all diving sites are the same. For example Sairee Beach, the beach that closes the west coast, is a magical place to go with the tranquility of the forest and the sea together in a place that offers a prime location for diving.

The waters of Koh Tao are a magnet for divers for many reasons. The island has at least thirty excellent dive sites and many of them are among the best in the world. Both for beginners and more experienced divers alike, Koh Tao is the ideal choice. It offers spectacular marine life with great visibility and waters at an average temperature of 29 degrees which is perfect for swimming.

The Bottle Diving Café is a project that unites two great pleasures; diving and eating! Located in Mae Haad Bay, near the Koh Tao pier in the west of the island, it is surrounded by spectacular beaches of soft white sand and all the amenities that this beautiful island has to offer.

But not everything on the island is about diving. At the restaurant The Bottle Diving, home brewed coffee is what really makes the difference here. Accompanied by an elaborate menu featuring all the local flavours you’d expect, alongside traditional dishes of Thai cuisine, as well as international fare; enjoy tapas, typical gazpacho, paella rice and sipping sangria. This is also a popular meeting point for divers, tourists and locals on the island, drawn to the unique atmosphere.

The Bottle Diving is a dive center that has new, comfortable and functional facilities, a newly renovated boat and everything you need to discover the wonders of the underwater world at the best prices, along with professional divers forming an experienced team.

In addition to the usual points of dive trips, there’s the weekly trip to Sail Rock as well as the novelty Diving Fluorescent Hand UV Koh Tao. It’s during a night dive that divers can descend with specialized ultraviolet lights for observing marine fluorescence. It’s not only that the corals radiate a spectrum of bright colors, but also that aquatic life is in abundance with a lively display of bright fluorescent glare.

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