When Ice and Rock Collide: The Mountains and Glaciers of Anchorage, Alaska

by Jules on May 1, 2014

Of all of the places to take a holiday, you’re seriously considering Anchorage, Alaska. And, why not? The place is both beautiful and dangerous. From the mountains to the glaciers, there’s no shortage of natural scenery. It’s one of the most remote states in America, and yet it’s still accessible even for those who live across the ocean.

The Glaciers

Glaciers are a major attraction in Alaska. In fact, if you book with companies like My America Holiday, it’s one of the main selling points for trips to Anchorage. They’re popular, and for good reason.

Alaska is one of only 8 states in the union where you can see glaciers, but Alaska has the most per state, by far (over 600). It’s taken thousands of years for these glaciers to form and shape the state’s geography, carving valleys and mountains, and even creating streams.

You can spend days exploring them and never see a small fraction of what Anchorage has to offer. If you’re not afraid of heights, check out the flight tours. There’s nothing quite like flying over a massive sheet of ice. If flying isn’t your thing, you can always take a boat tour and get up close and personal with the glaciers.

The boat tours also come with a bonus: sea creatures. Whales and other marine animals make their home on the coast and a boat ride is about the only safe way to see these creatures in their natural habitat.

If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can climb some of Anchorage’s glaciers. Yes, that’s right. Strap on crampons, pick up an ice pick and an axe, and test your strength. Guides will take even the most novice of climbers on an amazing tour up the side of one of these mammoth ice giants.

The Kenai Mountain Range

The Kenai Mountains extend 192 Km (120 miles) from the Kenai Peninsula to the Chugach Mountains. The only thing that separates this mountain range from the Chugach are the modest waters of Turnagain Arm.

The area is famous for its fishing, especially its trophy salmon which weighs in at about 97 pounds. But it’s also got wildlife that’s worth checking out too. If you’re into biking or camping, you’ll love this place. There are recreational areas to go skiing, hiking, and even just general sightseeing.

The Talkeetna Mountain Range

This mountain range is located about an hour from Anchorage, but it’s worth making the trip for it – if only for the historical Independence Historic Goldmine.

The Alaska Range

The Alaskan Range is the tallest mountain on the North American continent, stretching over 20,000 feet into the air. Despite this, almost anyone can make their way up to the highest peaks on foot. If hiking is out of the question, you can fly over it in a plane.

The Chugach Mountains

The Chugach Mountains aren’t just mountains, there’s also an area of wilderness here called the Chugach State Park. It’s the largest park in the United States, and it borders Anchorage – perfect for hikers, skiers, and snowshoers.

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