4 Cool Places to Live in the Eastern Hemisphere

by Jules on April 22, 2014

Have you ever wanted to live someplace different where you can have a cultural experience? There are several cool places across the Eastern Hemisphere that won’t disappoint. Take a look at these four places where you’ll have adventures and experience a new way of life.

Explore the 1000-Year-Old Traditions of Japan

Image via Flickr by Marc Veraart,CC BY 2.0

Japan is a cool place to live because everything is modern, yet the culture has deep roots that go back thousands of years. On one city block, you can see Japanese people in kimonos serving authentic Japanese cuisine and business people holding meetings on their smartphones. There’s literally something for everyone in Japan. Most of the residents are of Japanese descent, but the population grows more diverse each year because of the business opportunities in the country.

The housing situation in Japan is different from most of the Western world. This is because Japan has a very large population. Japan housing is primarily characterized by high-rise apartments and close living quarters. But that’s OK because there is a lot to do when you’re not at home. You can go to a traditional sumo wrestling match, hike in the exotic landscape, or tour religious sites.

Taste Authentic Italian Food in Italy

Image via Flickr by Kevin Gibbons, Copyright: australiaphotos.co.ukCC BY 2.0

Tourists love going to Italy, and you would love living there too. Italy is one of those historic places with a unique charm all on its own. You can stay in a cute apartment in the city or venture out to one of the nearby suburbs. However, no matter where you stay, you’re sure to see marble and ceramic surfaces everywhere. Additionally, housing is close together, so be courteous to your neighbors.

Italy is known for its fine food and wine. As a matter of fact, Italy is the pasta capital of the world and it has several vineyards throughout the countryside. You can taste this authentic Italian food at hundreds of different restaurants in Italy. However, don’t be surprised if your waiter or waitress seems to be ignoring you — that’s just the atmosphere. In Italy, mealtime is slow and a time to socialize.

Learn About the Muslim Culture of Saudi Arabia

Image via Flickr by Retlaw Snellac Photography,CC BY 2.0

Living in Saudi Arabia opens you up to a whole new culture. Most people are Muslim and they take their religion seriously. Because of this, businesses are closed on Friday because that’s the holy day of Islam. You’ll see Muslims pray five times a day and the women wear head coverings as respect for their religion. Additionally, Muslims only work six hours per day during the holy month of Ramadan and fast from dawn to dusk.

It’s easy to converse with people in Saudi Arabia because most people speak Arabic and English. However, you do need to be aware of their customs. For instance, you should remove your shoes when entering houses, show respect to the elderly, eat only with the right hand, and dress conservatively. You’ll learn more the longer you stay in Saudi Arabia. If you’re unsure of where to live, try a Saudi Arabia property rental first.

Socialize with the People of India

Image via Flickr by runran,CC BY-SA 2.0

India is an interesting place to live because the culture varies greatly from one area to the next. You’ll constantly be introduced to new traditions and customs in food, clothing, and mannerisms. Much of India is poverty stricken, but many of the larger cities are a good place to live. Bangalore and Mumbai are popular while Delhi and Hyderabad are avoided for political and other unsafe reasons.

One of the most interesting things about living in India is visiting the marketplaces. They’re very different from anything in the Western Hemisphere. You’ll have the opportunity to bargain for goods and try exotic ones. You might even spot elephants and other domestic animals that you wouldn’t typically consider domestic. However don’t forget India’s aadhaar card, if you need to set up a phone whilst away it will help you

This is just a small sampling of the cool places to live in the Eastern hemisphere. You could also try China, Russia, one of the more stable Middle Eastern countries, or up north in Norway, Sweden, or Finland. You’ll have new experiences everywhere you go. What is your favorite place in the Eastern Hemisphere? Leave a comment below.

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