Beginners Guide to The Tour of Britain 2014

by Jules on April 3, 2014

The cycling world is abuzz right now with news of The Tour of Britain 2014 which runs from 7 to 14 September at various points across England and Wales.

What is the Tour of Britain?

The Tour of Britain is a cycling race held across eight stages on British roads, where participants compete to finish the race in the accumulated fastest time.

Often compared to the formidable Tour de France, the British version has until now, been much more low-key. Which is rather startling considering the fact that at the Tour of Britain has been held each year since 1945 under various different monikers, depending on the sponsor. The old-style race format was last held in 1999.

The way was then paved for the new Modern Tour of Britain which launched in 2004, starting with five stages. Over the years the tour has included various different cities and regions across England, Scotland and Wales. It’s also introduced us to future stars of the cycling world, such as Bradley Wiggins, Mark Cavendish and Ben Swift.

Previous British winners include Sir Bradley Wiggins last year and Jonathan Tiernan-Locke in 2012. Prior to that all previous winners of the modern race had been from across Europe.

The 2014 Tour Route

This year’s route takes in Bristol and Brighton for the very first time, as well as the most challenging summit stage ever across The Tumble in Wales. Along with individual time trials, gruelling endurance stages and mountainous climbs, this is billed as the most challenging Tour of Britain ever. The race concludes to a tumultuous crowd in London.

The eight day route will highlight some of Britain’s remarkably picturesque scenery, alongside challenging city routes and chocolate-box villages. Together with the demanding climbs, this year’s tour promises to be memorable.

Tour Stages

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Stage 1 – Sunday 7 September – Liverpool City Centre Circuit
Stage 2 – Monday 8 September – Knowsley to Llandudno
Stage 3 – Tuesday 9 September – Newtown to The Tumble
Stage 4 – Wednesday 10 September – Worcester to Bristol
Stage 5 – Thursday 11 September – Exmouth to Exeter
Stage 6 – Friday 12 September – Beth to Hemel Hempstead
Stage 7 – Saturday 13 September – Camberley to Brighton
Stage 8 – Sunday 14 September – London Finish

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