Tent and Caravan Campers in the UK

by Jules on April 2, 2014

Going abroad on holiday with children can be pure hell. Sure, holidays are meant to be fun and relaxing, but trying to get through two airports, a long flight and two weeks of sun and water with a couple of kids in tow can be hard work. Aren’t holidays meant to be relaxing? This is just one of the reasons why more and more families with children are choosing to stay in the UK and go on a camping holiday.

A holiday abroad can prove very expensive for a family. Booking more hotel rooms, more seats on flights and paying for more meals can all add up very quickly indeed. Booking a slightly larger pitch in a campsite, though, is no trouble at all. Even buying extra tents and some kids’ sleeping bags will prove inexpensive compared to the cost of a holiday abroad. Cooking your own meals on a portable stove or over a roaring log fire is not only a fantastic experience (and one which the kids will love) but it also means that you’ll save heavily on the cost of eating out.

The experience of camping is something that kids from all across Britain will love. Being able to play freely in the great outdoors and explore nature is a treat for every child, and one which will help them to grow as a young person. You simply can’t get a greater definition of quality time than playing in the great outdoors and exploring nature. It’s a superb educational trip for children of any age, and simply cannot be beaten.

All parents will know that kids sleep much better after a day running around outside than they do at any other time. And they’ll also know that when kids sleep much better, adults are much happier. With a type of holiday that will please kids and adults alike, what’s not to love? Being able to prise your children away from their smartphones, tablets and games consoles for a few days will prove hugely stress-relieving for the parents and enlightening for the children, who will find that spending time with nature is hugely preferable to a computer screen.

The experience if camping is something which simply cannot be rivalled. Even when things go wrong (and, let’s face it, with the great British weather that’s quite likely) it can prove to be a hugely enjoyable experience which will be talked about for a long time to come. With the experience of family bonding, enriched and enlightened children and the benefit of having more money in the bank than you would have after a foreign holiday, what’s not to love? There’s a reason why British families are going camping in their hordes, and it’s easy for you to discover why.

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