Rich Variety From Your Rustenburg Base

by Jules on March 17, 2014

Traditionally, holidaymakers have made for the beaches, and South Africa has plenty of those. While the Atlantic Ocean coast has a cold current from Cape Point northwards, the Indian Ocean, from the Cape eastwards and then north past Durban, welcomes huge numbers each year. Increasingly, however, people are looking at other alternatives for their break, and the region north of the large conurbations of Johannesburg and Pretoria is welcoming visitors seeking the variety of scenery, wildlife, culture, and history. The city of Rustenburg is growing and provides an excellent base for tourists looking for a new experience.


There is plenty of choice in an area this rich in history. Rustenburg’s history dates back to the middle of the 19th century, as Boers moved north away from the British. Paul Kruger, a former president of the republic, hailed from Rustenburg, and his farm is now a museum in his memory. The British, of course, arrived, and one of the most famous battles between the Boers and the British, Mafeking, was fought nearby at the end of the century. The British were besieged for months, and the siege lasted seven months, from October 1899 until they decisively defeated the Boers.


It was an event that brought fame to Robert Baden-Powell, who was to become the worldwide leader of the Scouting Movement. The Boers numbered 8,000, with the defence barely 1,000, but that advantage was disguised by the besieged, and ultimately half of the Boers were redeployed before they finally contemplated an actual attack. Reinforcements arrived to relieve the town, and British fortunes changed. Anyone interested in history will be fascinated by the various sites that can be visited using accommodation in Rustenburg as their base.


However, history is just one of the attractions of the region. It is rich in wildlife, notably in three main reserves: Kgaswane, Madikwe, and the most famous of all, Pilanesberg. If you are feeling energetic, then you can spend many a happy hour hiking in Kgaswane above Rustenburg. Madikwe is home to the “Big Five” and has a particularly huge concentration of elephants. Pilanesberg is one of the largest national parks in the country and is situated at altitude across the floor of an extinct volcano.

You do not need to be a lover of wildlife to simply enjoy your surroundings, and Tsogo Sun Hotels can add to your experience by offering quality accommodations during your stay. It goes without saying that an area that is becoming increasingly popular with visitors can provide them with excellent cuisine and wines. It may be difficult to persuade a young family that the beach is not the most important part of any holiday. If you can, you will give the kids an experience they will never forget. Even if you aren’t travelling on holiday with children but want to be away from city life, there are few better places to go.

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