7 Useful Tips If You Plan On Going To Thailand

by Jules on February 19, 2014

Thailand is an amazing country – it’s the friendly gateway to Asian exoticism. With a superb tourism infrastructure, a host of interesting things to see, beautiful beaches, exquisite dining, ancient ruins, mysterious mountains clad in steaming jungles, luxury hotels at reasonable prices, cheap backpacker accommodation and friendly locals who wear an omni-present smile! In this Thailand travel guide I have put together seven recommendations if you are motivated to visit Thailand:

1. Get money from ATMs

There is no need to carry big wads of cash about. There are plenty of ATMs throughout Thailand, including most tourist islands where you can withdraw by using a credit card. Expect a flat fee of 150 baht (5$) for each provision.

2. Take the sleek SkyTrain in Bangkok

Bangkok’s traffic is appalling! If you get in a taxi or tuk-tuk at certain times you can leave half a day and half the VISA card in the effort. The SkyTrain is convenient, safe, reliable and inexpensive. And air conditioning is included. It’s just about the best way to get around. Buy flash tickets with your spare change.

3. Eye – monsoon

If you’re looking for a beach, bear in mind the local monsoon periods. The Andaman Sea area (Phuket, Phi Phi Island and Krabi) the summer monsoon runs from July to August. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll rain all day long; rather, you’ll find cloudy skies and choppy and dark seas, a world away from the picture perfect beaches that you’re probably expecting. During those months it’s probably better to head for an alternative sea; the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Samui, Koh Tao and Koh Phan-Ang. The good season in Phuket coincides nicely with our winter period in the northern hemisphere (November through to December) and it’s in those months that is rains the most on Samui and the Gulf islands.

4. Phi Phi is over-rated

Phi Phi is overpriced and overcrowded, much like the Phuket area. If you are seeking quieter beaches and resorts, you’d be better off going to the coastal provinces of Krabi, Koh Lanta and Railay or Hat. The least known and least invaded by tourists is the Koh Tarutao archipelago in the south Andaman Sea, close to Malaysia’s border.

5. Vaccines and anti-malarials

You don’t need to get any vaccinations to go to Thailand. But in some of the southern cities and islands it’s advisable to intensify the prevention and get a mosquito protector because there are regions where dengue fever is present.

6. Motorcycle Rental

It’s easy and cheap to rent motorcycles on almost all tourist islands, indeed on some it is the only way to get around.

7. A sunset on a Bangkok skyscraper

One of the magical moments of Bangkok is at dusk, when the lights of neon are mixed with the sunset. The best way to enjoy it is within one of the many panoramic bars that several hotels have installed in the downtown skyscrapers. Some examples are the Le Bua Hotel or Eastin Shatorn.

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