Which kind of Holiday is right for you?

by Jules on February 17, 2014

For most people, the idea of a holiday is something to work towards. It is easy to get caught up in the daily grind of work, kids, family commitments, bills and chores so planning a holiday is a great positive thing that makes all the day to day stuff seem worthwhile. However, what kind of holiday is right for you? So often, little thought is put into planning the right holiday or budgeting so that you can really make the most of your holiday which means it won’t be an enjoyable or worthwhile as if you had really planned it well in the lead up.

For instance, if you have kids and intend on taking them with you, there are the basic aspects to consider such as travel and accommodation. There really has to be something that interests every member of the family, otherwise nobody is going to benefit. Whether it be a beach holiday where you plan to lie on the beach and watch the kids play and swim or a road trip, there are still quite a few things to think of when you are travelling with children. First of all – how will you get there? If your holiday destination is too far for you to take your own car, then obviously maybe flying is the option most economical and viable for you. Consider the time you book your flights as to whether it clashes with sleep times or meal times and whether that is going to entail a stressful start to your holiday. If driving, make sure you break up your journey into manageable bursts of travel so that you are not going to hear “are we there yet” more times than you can handle.

What kind of thing do you want to get out of your holiday? Is it to see as many different places in a two week period or is it to completely switch off and not move or think at all? These are the types of things you need to think of when you are planning your next trip. For many, some holidays are all about jam packing as much into a small time frame, meaning that when you come back home, sometimes you feel like you need a holiday to get over your holiday! If this is you then as long as you know what you are up for that type of holiday can be both challenging and exciting. Make sure you get plenty of rest in the leadup, eat well and be as organised as possible so that when you do come home you don’t fall in a heap and can still manage normal life. Plan well when packing – places like Luggage Direct are a great place to visit prior to your trip so that you can stock up on light weight suitcases and travel accessories that make the fast paced aspect of your trip easier to deal with. With limited time to wash, store or prepare clothes while you are on the go, you need all the little conveniences of large suitcases for storing clothes and souvenirs in one easy to manage bag as well as things like travel belts, clotheslines for overnight airing of wet or dirty clothes and locks for security.

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