Rural Is Better: Britain’s 7 Happiest Spa Destinations

by Jules on January 22, 2014

There’s no doubt that January can be a depressing month. All the fun of Christmas has passed and you’re back to work. It’s wet and cold outside and by the time you leave work it’s dark. Why did you even bother getting up? Add to that the Christmas weight you’ve piled on and most people feel less than their best at the beginning of the year.

What you need is a trip to a spa to freshen you up after the Christmas excess. But if you want to make sure your spa trip is as relaxing as possible then make sure you choose a spa in one of Britain’s happiest places. A recent survey by the Office For National Statistics (ONS) found that the following places rated their happiness the highest, so if you opt for a spa break in one of these happy UK spa destinations, you should find the good vibes rub off on you.

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1. Northern Ireland. In the whole UK it was Northern Ireland that came out on top. Towns from here dominated the Top 10 Happiest towns, and people across the region rated their lives happiest, feeling content and upbeat about things. With the beautiful landscapes it’s little wonder, and maybe it’s also down to that characteristic Irish sense of humour. If you’re looking for a great spa in Northern Ireland then try The Culloden Estate and Spa in County Antrim, situated just off the rugged coast. With a huge range of treatments, from hot stone massage to detox body wraps it’s the height of relaxing spa luxury.


2. Scotland. The next happiest place in Britain was Scotland. People here gave the lowest ratings for anxiety, believing their lives to be relatively stress free and expressing an optimistic outlook on life. Like Ireland, Scotland has vast areas of countryside and even city dwellers are never too far from nature, a key factor in happiness according to the ONS.  PURE Spa have establishments across the region and a visit to any one of their Scotland spas is sure to leave you feeling stress free, especially their range of heat treatments including Moroccan Rasul therapy.

3. Wales. It’s a hat trick for the Celtic nations with Wales rounding out the top 3 happiest regions. Like Northern Ireland and Scotland, Wales has some of the most beautiful and unspoilt landscapes in Britain and a population known for their good humour. If you want to absorb some of the Welsh spirit then book a break at The Vale Resort in the idyllic Vale of Glamorgan. Their range of treatments will reinvigorate you from head to toe.

4. Hampshire. Finally, England manages to make an entry on the list, with Hampshire flying the flag. The population here reports low levels of anxiety and rate themselves highly for general life satisfaction. To get a piece of that Hampshire Happiness visit Essential Beauty Spa in Bishop’s Waltham and book in for a Monthly Time Out session where you can enjoy an Indian head massage to ease your tensions, followed by a leg massage to revitalise your body.

5. Bath. This is a city of culture, renowned for its numerous galleries, theatres and museums. Like the other places listed on this list Bath it situated in a largely rural county: Somerset. It’s a small city, with plenty of parks and surrounded by green hills. Homewood Park Hotel & Spa let you relax in their herb garden to the gentle hum of bees before soaking in their hydrotherapy tub which overlooks the walled gardens. Then you can choose from their vast range of spa treatments to melt away those winter blues.

6. Cornwall. Another showing from the Celts, with Cornwall also scoring highly in the ONS survey. An untamed and rugged county, shaped by the Atlantic, Cornwall has long been a leading UK holiday destination, and the locals report some of the lowest anxiety levels in the land. It’s a surfer’s paradise and it’s that easy going attitude that permeates the landscape. To really chill out book in for a course of 5 Element acupuncture at Cornwall’s The Mitchell Hill Clinic Spa. 

7. Devon. Few places conjure up images of the easy going country life better than Devon. Sandy beaches, rolling fields and the mystical wilds of Dartmoor all add up to create a county that is home to some of the country’s happiest people. Why not tap into that Devon mystique with some meditation at Breathe Detox Spa on the edges of Dartmoor.

A spa break shouldn’t just be about exotic treatments. Instead approach it as a time to address your wellbeing on all levels, the physical, the psychological and (dare we say it) even the spiritual. Choose the happiest UK spa locations and let the positive energy raise you up this winter.

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