4 Amazing Ways To Blow Your Budget In Bangkok

by Jules on January 22, 2014

Bangkok in Thailand is commonly regarded as a backpacker’s paradise and you won’t find it difficult to find tips on how to see the city and experience the food for less than $10 a day.  But what if you want a more sophisticated experience?

Ok, so travel on the cheap is fine, but if you don’t mind splashing out, this is a city that can cater to more luxurious tastes, and best of all, having a little luxury in your trip might not be as expensive as you imagined anyway:

Get A Tailor Made Suit

You have probably heard already that Bangkok is a great place to find a cheap suit, but if you have little interest in spending $100 of a fairly nice suit, you can certainly go a little more up market. Arguably one of the best Tailors in Bangkok is known simply as July Tailor.

July Tailor are certainly cheap for the service, but that does not mean that the service is cheap. In fact the owner “Sompob” has tailored suits for Thailand’s royalty and is hugely respected.

All of their fabrics are imported from either Italy or Britain and the quality is second to none. Their basic two piece suits start at around 20,000 Baht which is about $650 for a suit that would cost perhaps $1-2,000 in the west.

Image Credit: Eustaquio Santimano CC A 2.0

Relax On A Rooftop

Bangkok has an unfortunate reputation for cheap booze and partying, but if you want to get away from it all then why not head on up to the roof-tops for a more sophisticated drink? The “Moon Bar” at an establishment named aptly as “Vertigo” is one of the highest open air drinking establishments in the world and if you don’t mind the heights and the equally high prices then the views are simply stunning.

What better place to get some perspective over Bangkok of an evening and relax with a cocktail at the same time? Make sure you book in advance at peak times though! This place books up fast.

Alternatively, consider the slightly lower, but equally stunning Sirocco where you can also enjoy a fabulous evening meal before or after spending some time at the Sky Bar.

See It All From Above

There are few better ways to see a city than from the comfort of a helicopter and Bangkok is no exception to this rule. Fortunately there are a few great companies offering such a service.

Image credit: Azreey, CC ASA 3.0

The best time to go is around sunset when the city lights will be on and when you will still be able to see the city below in detail – not to mention a rather stunning background of deep orangey red.

If you happen to be staying at one of Bangkok’s high-end hotels you might even be able to land back at the hotel via a helipad. One such hotel is the Peninsula.

Roof Top Infinity Pools

One of the joys of any city is the sky-line and there are few better ways to enjoy it than from a swimming pool on a roof-top. There are a few hotels in the city which offer roof-top infinity pools with glorious views and many of them are surprisingly affordable.

The Sofitel has perhaps one of the most impressive views of the city and relaxing in the mood-lit pool is an excellent way to spend the evening.


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