Peek inside Gatwick Airport via Google Street View

by Jules on November 8, 2013

Now you can wander around London’s Gatwick Airport without actually having to go there, thanks to Google Street View, who have just added the UK’s second busiest airport to their programme, making it the largest Street View project within Europe.

Gatwick Airport says it will help travellers to navigate their way around the terminals and help to plan their journeys with more ease. In total over 2,000 separate images were taken in both Gatwick’s North and South terminals, via cameras mounted in backpacks. It sits alongside a £1.2 billion investment programme in the airport which aims to both improve and innovate the travel experience for passengers. The project itself took just ten days to complete and had no great cost implications for Gatwick – just the supervision from security staff. The technological advancement will enable travellers to take their research to the next stage.

Whilst the images of travellers queuing, eating and snoozing may not exactly enthrall you, it is kind of interesting to catch a glimpse of everyday life within Gatwick. The only areas that aren’t featured are within customs.

Travellers that have never visited Gatwick before can use the positioning indicator on their smartphone and can engage the compass mode to access directions to the various areas of the airport.

Google Street View has also recently added three other iconic travel spots, including the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the River Thames in London and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida.

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