Top 7 Highest Hotels in the World

by Jules on October 30, 2013

These hotels give new meaning to the term ‘room with a view’ and are in fact the highest hotels in the world.

JW Marriott Marquis, Dubai, UAE

The luxury hotel chain Marriott holds the title for the tallest hotel in the world in the land of superlatives; Dubai. In fact six places on the top 10 list are occupied with Dubai structures. The Marquis was built in 2012 and stands at 355 metres (1,165 feet) and soars to 77 floors. The complex comprises twin tower skyscrapers with a total of 1608 hotel rooms. It’s an amazing feat when you consider that 40 meters was actually loped of the height between conception and planning.

Rose Tower, Dubai

Officially opened in December 2009, the Rose is the second tallest hotel on earth. The Rose Rayhaan Rotana, to give it the correct name, is also the first major hotel within Dubai to be totally alcohol free. The postmodern skyscraper stands at 333 metres (1,093 feet) tall and boasts a 24 hour coffee shop. There are 684 rooms in total across the 72 floors, one of which is underground.

Ryugyong Hotel, Pyongyang, North Korea

One of the very few non-Dubai hotels on this list is the pyramid shaped Ryugyong Hotel which is the tallest hotel in Asia. Located in the capital city of North Korea, Pyongyang, the striking design dominates the skyline. If you think the structure looks a little a dated, it’s because construction was initially started in 1987 but halted several times. It’s estimated to be finally completed in 2013 – just 26 years late! It’s also known as the 105 Building in reference to the 105 floors. In total the pyramid stands at 330 metres (1,080 feet).

Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Now onto the most famous hotel in the world – the iconic Burj Al Arab. The sail-shaped luxury hotel opened in 1999 and promptly billed itself as the world’s only 7 star hotel. The name Burj Al Arab means ‘Tower of the Arabs’ and the striking design represents the sail of a ship.  Although it stands at 321 metres (1,053 feet) tall, the Burj only has 202 bedroom suites, all within double storey floors. The hotel stands on its own island just off Jumeirah Beach and is connected via a private curved bridge. And if you fancy living the high life, you could opt for the Royal Suite which weighs in at around 19,000 USD per night!

Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel, Dubai

The modernism themed Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel is part of a pair of skyscrapers although this tower is solely used for accommodation. Construction began in 1996 and was completed four years later. Standing at 309 metres (1,014 feet) tall, the hotel has 400 highly appointed rooms over its 56 storeys.

Baiyoke Tower II, Bangkok, Thailand

The central Ratchathewi District of Bangkok is home to the majestic Baiyoke Tower II, which is exclusively hotel accommodation. The Baiyoke Sky Hotel resides within the 85 storey skyscraper which dominates the Thai city’s skyline. Standing at the 304 metres (997 feet) tall without the later addition of the antennae, the hotel opened in 1997. In addition to the 673 guest rooms, there is also a public observatory on the 77th storey, as well as an acrophobia-inducing 83rd storey bar. Mess with your head on the 83rd floor which features a 360 degree revolving rood deck!

Khalid Al Attar Tower 2, Dubai

Yet another hotel in Dubai finishes off the list in seventh spot, with the Millennium Plaza Hotel based within the Khalid Al Attar Tower.  Completed in 2011 it has a total of 66 floors within its 294 metre (965 feet) structure.

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