Awesome Australia: Six Destinations You Have To Visit

by Jules on October 29, 2013

Blessed with an embarrassing wealth of tourist attractions, it’s no surprise that the land Down Under is such a popular choice among holidaymakers. And with more cheap flights to Australia available, it’s more accessible than ever. Here are six of the best destinations that you have to visit if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in Oz.

The Great Barrier Reef

Arguably Australia’s most iconic attraction, the reef is a breath taking display of natural beauty and tranquillity. Scuba diving and snorkelling are hugely popular here with the reef being home to a dizzying array of marine life. This includes more than 400 different types of coral, 1500 species of tropical fish, humpback whales, dolphins, sea turtles and a huge number of birds.

No one part of the Great Barrier Reef can claim to be better than the rest, however, the Whitsunday Islands are sensational and a sailing trip in this part of the reef promises to be one of the highlights of a visit to Australia.

Byron Bay

One thing that you will never hear visitors to Byron Bay complain of is boredom. Water based activities dominate the scene here and surfing is particularly popular. If you prefer not to get your feet wet there’s an abundance of other things you can do. Horse riding on the beach, golf and skydiving are just a few of the alternative options.

No visit to Byron Bay would be complete without a trip to the famous lighthouse at Cape Byron. From here you can savour the panoramic views of the mesmerising coastline.


The cultural capital of Australia is packed with tourist attractions. Theatre is extremely popular and Sydney Opera House is a must-see. And if you really want to delve into the culture of Australia visit one of the outstanding museums in the city. Powerhouse Museum, Australian Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art are all well worth a trip. Other attractions in Sydney include Bondi Beach, Taronga Zoo and Harbour Bridge.

Fraser Island

Fraser Island is found in Queensland and is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Australia. Its major selling point is the flawless beaches that stretch for 120km around the island.

Visitors to Fraser Island are really spoilt for choice when it comes to things to do. Apart from all of the usual beach activities, there are fresh water lakes, rainforests teeming with rare flora and fauna and submerged wrecks to explore while you are here. Renting a 4WD vehicle is a great way of getting around the island and discovering its secrets.

Kakadu National Park

Covering over 3 million acres of Australia’s Northern Territory, Kakadu National Park is a magical and mysterious place. Kakadu is one of the traditional heartlands of Australia’s indigenous Aborigines.

There are many unique sights in Kakadu which promise to leave you spellbound. Chief among these are the 5000 rock paintings sites that illuminate the history of Kakadu. And with 26 species officially listed as endangered calling this place home, Kakadu may be your only chance to see such rarities as the bare-rumped sheathtail bat and the speartooth shark.


Uluru is another treasure found in the Northern Territory. Many people make the mistake of assuming Ayers Rock is the only thing worth seeing here and don’t bother making the trip, but there is so much more to this place.

Taking a guided tour from Adelaide is the most popular way of exploring this majestic natural wonder and highlights include a camel ride across the sand dunes, base walk of Ayers Rock and dining under the twinkling stars of the outback. It’s also possible to jump on a Harley and experience the thrill of riding in true openness.

So there you have it, six of the best destinations in Australia. Boasting fabulous natural wonders, cities imbued with culture and a lifestyle that is consistently ranked as the best in the world, there really is no reason why you shouldn’t visit awesome Australia.

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