10 Insider Tips for Your SeaWorld Holiday

by Jules on October 3, 2013

Your holiday to SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida is going to be one of the most exciting and fun-filled adventures of your entire trip.  Just seeing the look on your children’s faces as they participate in some of the activities that you plan will be priceless and knowing that you are getting everything from the experience that you possibly can makes the effort worthwhile.  Let’s look at a few insider tips that can help you get the most from your holiday.

SeaWorld - entrance

SeaWorld tickets with Florida Tix puts your family up close and personal with marine life

Tip #1-Make sure that you know the feeding times for the animals.  This is a perfect time for your children to feed dolphins, string rays, and sea lions; feeding times are posted each day so learn the times to better plan your visit to SeaWorld.

Tip #2-Book your “behind the scenes tour” online before your holiday begins.  If you’d like to discover what goes on inside the SeaWorld community every day, be sure to schedule this tour; your family will be amazed at the amount of work required to keep this modern facility operating smoothly.

Tip #3-Take a waterproof camera.  SeaWorld is a wet venue and if you want to see Shamu come within a short distance from your location, you are going to get drenched.

Tip #4-Make your child an autograph book.  From 9 a.m. until noon near the front gate, you can visit with Shamu and other characters to take pictures and get their autograph; your child will enjoy looking back on this holiday by thumbing through the lovely book that you have made.

Tip #5-Avoid waiting in line by checking out the Quick Queue Unlimited service.  This provides you with “front-of-the-line” access where the lines are long and holiday time is not being used as wisely as it could.

Tip #6-Arrange the best seats ahead of time.  By using the SeaWorld Signature Show Seating, you can choose and reserve your seats ahead of time and have the best view in the park for all of the shows.

Tip#7-Schedule lunch during one of the shows.  You can beat the crowds and have a more enjoyable lunch without lines and waiting if you make sure to have your lunch during one of the popular shows.  If you stop by the Shark’s Underwater Grill at 10:00 a.m. you can make your reservation and have a seat ready for your family when lunchtime arrives.

Tip #8-Select your seats for the shows wisely.  At many of the shows, especially if you sit in the front seats, you and your family will get completely soaked.  If you’d prefer not to walk around in wet clothing or have your children uncomfortable, make sure you are sitting in a dry section.

Tip #9-Visit the “cooler” venues during the heat of the day.  The mid-day Florida sun can be extremely uncomfortable so take your children to some of the cooler shows during those times.  Wild Arctic, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin and Nautilus Theater are a few that you might enjoy and use to escape from the heat.  You’ll also find plenty of shady spots at Shamu’s Happy Harbor.

Tip #10-Take along plenty of sunscreen.  Nothing is more uncomfortable than being sunburned on holiday so make sure you have sunscreen that will protect you and your children from the searing, noon-day sun.  Put hats on to protect tiny faces and be sure that you protect yourself with sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses.

A holiday is much more enjoyable if you find good value for your money and one that includes a variety of entertainment venues in a theme park.  The SeaWorld tickets with Florida Tix packages will give you unlimited access to all of the sea life shows and can even include a meal plan.  This is an option that can make travelling with your family a worry-free experience.

So for your next holiday, you should explore the wonderful world of sea life at SeaWorld, Florida’s marine park that is second to none.


Post written by Jaine Grein, Jaine is a travel writer who has travelled almost on all continents and loves sharing her experiences on popular travel blogs

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