Sydney’s Best Live Music Venues

by Jules on October 1, 2013

Opera House by night
Sydney is one of the most enlightening cities in the world, and one of the most sought after holiday destinations on the planet. The city itself boasts an abundance of attractions but also a smattering of hidden gems for those willing to scratch at the surface. In this article, we are going to look at some of Sydney’s best live music venues.

The Metro Theatre

The Metro Theatre, a stone’s throw away from the Opera House, has long been the leading venue for rock music in Australia. The Theatre is renowned for playing host to music luminaries from around the globe, but also for proving a stepping stone for local, raw talent as they make their way into the music industry. The Metro Theatre is, and will remain, the place to see rock music in Australia.

Venue 505 

One of Sydney’s true hidden gems, the 505 club plays regular host to live music 6 nights a week, often for as little as a $15 cover charge. Switching between jazz, funk, roots, reggae and more, 505 offers an intimate musical experience. The venue itself only has seating space for 160 people. For those who are searching for something away from the mainstream, this club is a must.

The Annandale Hotel

Rivalling the Metro Theatre in the rock and roll stakes, the ‘Dale, as it is affectionately known, is a live music venue showcasing lesser known bands from around the world. Whereas the MT will cater to larger acts, the ‘Dale specialises in smaller acts. Bands such as Jet and Idlewild have graced the Annandale stage. Offering an alternative musical experience, The Annandale Hotel has musical secrets galore hidden in their walls.

The Enmore Theatre 

Located in Sydney’s Newtown Entertainment Precinct, The Enmore Theatre is the oldest live music venue still operational in NSW, having opened in 1908. Boasting a melange between live music and stand-up comedy, the venue indulges all tastes. Some of the world’s biggest bands have played at the theatre which is well known for the old-world feel. Instead of going into the city, a night at The Enmore Theatre and dinner and drinks in the surrounding precinct is a perfect alternative.

The Factory Theatre 

The Factory Theatre is a breath of fresh air to Sydney’s entertainment scene, namely because of its commitment to nurture the local and emerging artists. An intimate music venue based in Marrickville, it is seen as an important stepping stone for local performers looking to make it big. Hosting an array of live music and performances throughout the week, the Factory Theatre is an important step on your musical journey around Sydney.

The Standard

Finally, a return-to-basics live music venue. The bar and toilets are away from the main floor area, allowing a true musical experience without being jostled. The Standard is what a gig venue should be, there is something refreshingly old school about it. Having sat dusty and dormant for 15 years leading up to its rediscovery in 2010, The Standard is rapidly emerging as one of Sydney’s best live music venues.

In sum, there is no shortage of awesome live music venues in Sydney. These are just six of the best; there are more waiting to be unearthed. A musical journey is waiting to be undertaken, from rock’n’roll to jazz, via local unsigned indie bands trying to make waves. And with a host of cheap flights to Sydney available, experiencing the city’s dynamic music scene first-hand is easier than ever!

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