Picture perfect skiing holiday memories captured in competition

by Jules on September 24, 2013

Skiing is something that a lot of people enjoy, but given that it only tends to thrive during the winter months, opportunities to slalom and slide down the mountains are scarce. When you do go skiing, you’ll want to remember it, and taking some cool photos will help you to reminisce about everything enjoyable about your last time on the piste.

The coming winter should provide you with ample opportunities to rekindle your love of skiing, but for the time being, there’s no harm in looking back on your most recent break! A competition recently run by Inghams to find the best picture of the 2012 Ski Season received some impressive entries, but after much deliberation by the panel of judges, a worthy winner was chosen.

The picture above was the winning entry, coming from Les Blain, who was elated when he found out. An image from his break in Levi last year, he manages to capture a gorgeous sunset which contrasts sharply with the crisp white snow which covers the ground and the nearby trees. This picture sums up what everyone would like their skiing holiday to be.

Written in the stars

The fourth-placed entry in the competition was a little different, namely because it managed to include the Aurora Borealis, otherwise known as the Northern Lights! This natural phenomenon rarely happens, but on the edge of the Arctic Circle where this picture was taken, it’s easy to see when it does appear.

Reach for the sky

In fifth place, this image of several hot air balloons in flight is a pretty cool one, as they’re not that common in colder climes. Seeing the Alps, Pyrenees or any other iconic European mountain range by hot air balloon sounds great, but it’s just as fun to see others doing it.

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