Things You’ll Love and Hate About Barcelona

by Jules on August 15, 2013

Travelling is a wonderful experience, and with the right perspective, one can have fun throughout the course of travel even without minding much about the destination itself. But there’s just something about European destinations that makes travellers giddy even just at the thought of setting foot on any of these cities or countries. Barcelona, for one, is among the most coveted European destinations — placing the fourth most visited in Europe and sixteenth worldwide.

True enough, much of Barcelona is noteworthy; it has an architecture that stands out, a unique culture that shouts its Catalan roots loud and clear, plus a moving and energetic plethora of people coming from different races and places.

However, just like everything else, there are two sides of a coin. While Barcelona is often described as a gorgeous city, there are also things that some people would find unpleasant about it, some of which include the following:

1. It can be too crowded and noisy for some people’s taste.

Often described as a buzzing city with a very dynamic nightlife, Barcelona is not the place you should go if you’re looking for some place and quiet. Not even after two in the morning, when people should be tucked nicely in bed, sleeping. In Barcelona, parties only reach full swing a little after midnight.

2. Streets can be dirty.

Many people find the streets of Barcelona dirty, especially in the morning in places where a year’s worth of partying was held the previous night.

3. Theft and robbery are rampant in certain districts.

This is no secret, Barcelona has always had the reputation for pickpockets and robberies. Definitely not a place for people who are easily scared off by the slightest likelihood of street crimes in an area.

Nevertheless, there are still things to love about Barcelona. Count the following in:

1. Its magnificent blend of modernist and Gaudi architecture.

You will probably never see architecture close to what is shown in Barcelona. An architecture genius, Antoni Gaudi of Catalonia sure did amazingly in melding his outlandish designs with a more modern approach. Truly picture-worthy.

2. Churros y chocolate in the breakfast nook.

If you are a sweet tooth, then you will love Barcelona’s take on breakfast: doughnuts dipped in hot chocolate. Once you try it, you’ll forever wonder why sunny-side-ups and crunchy bacon were ever invented.

3. Its unforgettable street art.

Raval is famous for its picture-worthy street art that has simply transcended typical graffiti. Many would suggest that you bring a lomography camera with you so that you can capture the “hipster” feel of these quaint streets.

4. Museum-hopping like no other.

You can check out the Picasso Museum, the Barcelona History Museum, as well as the Gothic Cathedral when you go to Bari Gotic. This is the place you should go if you are looking for a taste of Barcelona’s rich history. The Bari Gotic is comprised of tiny labyrinths that lead into handsome squares and plazas.

5. It’s easy to fix a day trip to Figueres to behold the famous masterpieces of Dali.

Just a tad more than an hour from Barcelona by train, going to see more art museums and spectacular landmarks in Figueres can make your trip more eventful and memorable.

6. Looking for a good accommodation in the city is easy.

Accommodations abound the city and it’s never too difficult to find one that suits your fancy. Check out if you want to get a glimpse of the long-term and short-term vacation rentals in the city.

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