Tourism Trends for 2014

by Jules on August 8, 2013

With the recession still eating at our pockets, the people of Britain are working even harder to keep up. When that time of year approaches and everyone is in desperate need of some time off and go on a family holiday, sadly a trip to the local beach is as close to sun, sand and sea most people are going to get in 2014.

This year, the outbound tourism industry has seen a large decline in the number of people going aboard from the UK, with the biggest fall being holiday trips. According to the Office of National Statistics; UK residents cut back on longer haul trips to North America and other countries outside Europe. However, the report also highlights that visits to Europe increased very slightly – by 0.3% to 44.2 million in April 2013.

It would seem that Brits are putting off splashing out on long haul holidays and are using their money wisely, staying closer to home – within the UK and around Europe.

On another note, with the UK government encouraging UK residents to enjoy their family holidays on home ground, tourism has increased dramatically, as in the latest trend report from the Office of National Statistics, released July 2013, shows visits to the UK by overseas residents increased by 2.2% to 6.4 million.

The same report tells us that the number of nights spent in the UK has risen by 7.7%. In addition, the estimated earnings from these visits increased by 11.5%.

To help harness this upward trend within the UK, holiday companies such as Thomas Cook, Hays Travel and Thomson advertise breaks around the UK and trips to London.  Joined together with Hospitality Line, you have the opportunity to take the time to make your holiday or event perfect, and with every detail catered to suit their needs.

Visiting London attractions, bus tours, boat parties and other UK attractions, both UK residents and overseas visitors wanting to make the most of their money and precious time off will find something for them and their family.

With more companies getting involved in trying to promote what the UK has to offer, it shows a confident predicament that tourism within the UK and around Europe will continue to increase. So long as this strategy continues, hopefully encourage more Brits to enjoy their holidays within the UK for 2014.

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