Insane, but real World Festivals in August 2013

by Jules on August 1, 2013

As another month rolls around, the weird and wacky festivals and events continue around the world – this is our pick of the best in August;

International Regatta of Bathtubs 2013, Belgium – 5 August – Get ready to customise your bathtub and join 25,000 others in a watery flotilla along the Meuse River in Dinant in Belgium. The flotilla consists of elaborately and curiously decorated baths, along with rafts and boats. I wouldn’t fancy the excess baggage charge on that!

Palio di Siena Horse Race 2013, Italy – 16 August – The traditional Palio di Siena pageant and horse race stages its second round in the Italian city of Siena this month. The Tuscan city witnesses the oldest horse race (and also possibly the shortest) in the world. Ten riders dressed in colourful jester-like outfits urge their steeds around the Piazza del Campo course three times, which lasts around ninety seconds. Grab a prime viewing spot and take in the spectacle.

Air Guitar World Championship 2013, Finland – 21-24 August – Time to crank up Metallica and practice your very best air guitar poses: Kirk Hammett eat your heart out! The city of Oulu in northern Finland has been the destination for this insane festival since 1996, where you can show off your best inner bad-ass rocker attitude. Time to practise your strumming and picking. There is also an Air Guitar World festival in the USA, although on the plus side, there’s no extra baggage free to ship your air guitar!

Take a look at this YouTube video which shows Justin “Nordic Thunder” Howard from the USA winning the 17th Air Guitar World Championships last year. Insane and a little scary!

Balls of Fire Festival 2013, El Salvador – 21 August – If you fancy getting involved in a massive fire fight this august then head to the town of Nejapa in El Salvador. The Balls of Fire Festival, aka Las Bolas de Fuego, has its roots in the past, and re-enacts the eruption of a nearby volcano. The insane spectacle is replete with fireballs dipped in fuel, which are then hurled at fellow participants. Yes it’s hot, yes it’s dangerous, but on the plus side, injuries are rare!

Mobile Phone Throwing Championships 2013, Finland – 24 August – The Fins really have got it all going on this summer with the second weird festival in August; the mobile phone throwing championships. Take your old mobile phone along, hurl it as far as you can inside a designated area and if you win, you’ll pick up a brand new cutting edge mobile. The town of Savonlinna in southeast Finland is the destination.

Notting Hill Carnival 2013, London – 25-26 August – This is probably the most lively and the most colourful us Brits get! The central London borough has held this Caribbean-esque party since 1965 and id the biggest street festival in Europe. Expect vibrant music, brightly dressed dancers and superb Caribbean food.

Burning Man Festival 2013, USA – 26 August – Head to Nevada this August where temperatures get even hotter with the annual Burning Man Festival. The Black Rock Desert has hosted the week-long event since 1986, where it started a bonfire to mark the summer solstice. Now some 50,000 revellers come to hand out and party 24/7

La Tomatina 2013, Spain – 28 August – Picture getting pelted with overripe tomatoes by 40,000 other equally messy revellers and you’ve got the world-renowned La Tomatina festival in a nutshell! The Spanish town of Buñol in the Valencia district is the destination for this spectacle which has been held since 1950. Legend has it that the festival evolved from a good old fashioned food fight. Old clothes are definitely the order of the day!

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