The Perks of DIY Holiday Booking

by Jules on July 31, 2013

Although the package holiday began the British holiday revolution in the 1960s and continues to be popular today, consumers have increased flexibility with their travels in the 21st century. The Internet has given every holiday-maker the power to be their own travel agent, and many are taking it with open arms. So what are the advantages of buying separate travel and accommodation?


Booking cheap flights and hotel separately means that you have a far greater range of options than would otherwise be the case. For example, if staying in one place isn’t your thing, then you can fly into one airport and out another, doing some travelling in between.

For example, a flight into Bilbao and out of Barcelona will let you explore inland Spain, travelling to Madrid, Zaragoza and other towns away from the coast. DIY holiday bookings are all about exactly what you want, not just what is available.

Save money

Booking flights and hotels separately is a great way to save money. Although there is no substitute for booking flights early, shopping around for your hotel is a luxury that does not come with a pre-booked holiday.

Although some package holidays work out cheaper than booking separately, the fact that you are not tied into a package gives you greater freedom in the marketplace. And that means savings!

Be a savvy booker

There are some great ways to eke out the highest possible savings from your flight. For example, flights are often cheaper on Tuesdays, as airlines put prices down to entice midweek buyers (most flights are bought on the weekend, so prices go back up on Friday).

Additionally, most airlines let you set alerts for flights, so you can receive an email if a flight drops below a certain price. This will keep the overall cost of your trip down, and you can use the savings to upgrade to a nicer hotel.

So, if you’re prepared to do a bit of research, you can tailor-make the trip you want, rather than have a holiday that someone else planned. Isn’t that exactly how holidays should be?

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