Top 5 Family-Friendly Experiences at Discovery Cove, Orlando

by Jules on July 20, 2013

Orlando is the archetypal family destination with larger-than-life themeparks, pristine beaches and masses of family-friendly activities. And top of most kids (and adults) wishlists has to be swimming with dolphins – I tried it a few years ago and it was simply breathtaking! Visitors can meet and greet dolphins at Discovery Cove and a lot more besides.

Dolphin Swim Experience
Experience something new and exciting while on holiday in Florida with a Discovery Cove dolphin swim. This is the perfect attraction to visit if you simply love marine life. These signature experiences will provide you with an opportunity unlike any other. The Dolphin Swim Experience is one of the most popular attractions at Discovery Cove. Here you will come face to face with a friendly bottlenose dolphin in its water habitat. Learn about the different behaviours of dolphins and how they communicate with humans and each other. During this 30-minute experience, visitors on holiday will swim with the dolphins for the ride of their life and will give plenty of hugs and kisses that will never be forgotten.

Grand Reef
The Grand Reef is another popular family-friendly experience that can be enjoyed while visiting Discovery Cove. Head out into the reef where you will have the opportunity to swim with beautiful tropical fish and spotted eagle rays. Those with the courage to travel out further into the reef will experience the feeling of swimming with reef sharks that are safely behind glass. Make your way along bridges and pathways that take you to various grottoes and islands for a real tropical getaway feel.

Sea Venture
The Sea Venture family-friendly experience is a unique underwater walking tour. With no SCUBA certification needed, visitors will put on a helmet and make their way under the sea where you will come up close with unique marine life and exciting features. View sharks through safe glass windows, watches as schools of fish swim by, touch sting rays as they swim by and much more. Tour guides will show you around and provide you with information on each sea creature that you see during your sea adventures. Guests must be at least 10 years of age to enjoy the Sea Venture attraction during their Discovery Cove adventure.

Freshwater Oasis
Freshwater Oasis is one of the newest attractions at Discovery Cove, Orlando. Wading adventures and face-to-face interactions are just some of what you will find at Freshwater Oasis. The rainforest canopy overhead provides visitors with a real tropical feeling as they frolic around with otters and other marmosets. Wade through the water and float around through the different trails as you view freshwater wildlife at this new and unique family-friendly attraction.

Wind-away River
Your trip would not be complete without a stop at the Wind-away River attraction. Hop into the crystal clear waters for a relaxing trip around the soothing river. Head past sandy white beaches, through tropical rainforests, underneath waterfalls and so much more. You never know where you may end up while traveling around the peaceful Wind-away River. No matter what attractions you opt to visit while enjoying a day at Discovery Cove, your entire family is sure to find something that provides them with fun and amusement throughout their stay. From dolphin encounters to peaceful river excursions, there’s lots to see and enjoy.

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