5 Green Vacation Destinations

by Jules on July 20, 2013

Vacations are a great opportunity to relax, get away from daily commitments and to just sit back and enjoy life. However, it is hard for the environmentally conscious traveler to relax and enjoy things if they are visiting an area where there is a large amount of environmental devastation and contributing to it. Here are just five of the many green destinations available to environmentally conscious travelers:

1. Alaska

Though the Northern state of Alaska may not be the first place that comes to mind when trying to think of a great vacation destination, it has become incredibly popular in recent years. Travelers in Alaska will have the opportunity to experience Aurora Borealis (the northern lights) first hand, go on dogsled tours and visit vast nature reserves such as the Glacier Bay National Park And Preserve. The best time of year to visit Alaska is typically in the summer time, especially around June where the state sees the most light in a given day. Not only can travelers to Alaska see the beauty of nature, they can also see the various ways that this beautiful location is being affected by the devastation of global warming.

2. Switzerland

Travelers in Switzerland have the opportunity to experience the country’s vast and inspiring mountain ranges, while also experiencing one of the greenest travel networks in the world. Switzerland has a dedicated car-less travel network of footpaths, bike rentals, railway stations and waterways. This allows travelers to get around without using cars and instead walking, biking, taking the train or even canoeing throughout the country. Travelers that are interested in a more stationary, but still green experience can visit car-less towns such as Saas- Fee Switzerland and enjoy local cuisine in the shadows of the mountains.

3. Belize

Green travelers looking for a more tropical destination should defiantly consider the diverse Central American country of Belize. Bordered by Mexico, Guatemala and the Caribbean Sea, Belize offers travelers the opportunity to experience cities, small villages and pristine forests and nature reserves. For a small country, Belize has a huge range of different climates and biodiversity that features animals such as jaguars and scarlet macaws. Travelers interested in hitting the beach will be amazed by warm water and the beautiful and celebrated Belize Barrier Reef. Overall, Belize allows travelers to experience many different types of scenery with a huge emphasis on the need for conservation in order to preserve beautiful places for future generations.

4. New Zealand

The country in which the famous Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit trilogies were filmed is both haunting and breathtaking. Travelers that visit New Zealand can have the opportunity to visit various bird sanctuaries, as well as centers dedicated to the conservation of sea turtles. There are also many different green lodges and hotels available in the country, including some that generate their own power through the use of renewable energy sources. New Zealand’s breathtaking beauty, combined with its many conservation education destinations makes it a ‘must see’ for environmentally conscious travelers.

5. Costa Rica

Travelers that are seeking a destination country renowned for its sustainability efforts, while also looking for a heaping helping of adventure will love Costa Rica. There are many different eco-friendly lodges throughout the country, boasting features such as their own independent irrigation systems, that travelers will relish staying in as they explore the wonders of the country. Travelers can take guided tours of jungle reserves and will also have the opportunity to engage in activities such as white water river rafting on the Pacuare River or zip lining in the forest. The local and gourmet cuisine, as well as the local wildlife are also features that make Costa Rica and amazing destination.

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