New Travel Film Captures Pure Essence of South America

by Jules on July 8, 2013

Traveling in a rusty Land Rover, three friends drove across the untouched landscapes and bustling cities of Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay and Southern Brazil. After capturing hours of raw footage, they compiled their adventure into the breathtaking short-film, Experience Imagination: In South America.

Vincent Urban, the film’s editor, explains why he and his lifelong friends embarked on their epic road trip across South America: “The continent’s diverse landscapes and areas left untouched by humans give you the feeling of a last frontier. There are more dirt roads than highways, lots of emptiness and sometimes harsh weather conditions. If you’re looking for an adventure, Patagonia is pretty much the place to be!  This is why we wanted to go, and adventure is what we got.”

The video features shots of landscapes and city scenes from locations as diverse as Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls and the Mano del Desierto (the Hand of the Desert), an 11 metre-high sculpture of a human hand rising eerily from the bleak emptiness of the Atacama Desert in northern Chile.

The film shows off the stunning range of landscapes the travelers encountered during their trans-continental trip, as well as glimpses of the men themselves enjoying their experiences and adventures, that make it impossible for anyone watching not to yearn to be there too.

The video has already proved a viral sensation – racking up tens of thousands of views and recognition on Vimeo, cult following on YouTube and inspiring hundreds of conversations on Facebook and Twitter.

Experience Imagination: In South America is sponsored and promoted by Peru For Less, a Latin America-based travel agency, and was intended to help evoke a sense of the emotion and wonder experienced by the continent’s visitors.

Bernard Schlein, the travel agency’s founder, says: “The first time I saw this short film it stirred so many emotions in me. It reminded me why I got into the travel business. This video embodies the experience we wish everyone could have.”

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