Safest Asian Destinations for Solo Female Travellers [Infographic]

by Jules on June 12, 2013

The Top 10 safest destinations for lone women travellers in Asia has just been revealed in this useful infographic, which includes tips and safety advice for solo females.

Top 10 Safest Destinations in Asia for Solo Travellers

In number one spot is Singapore which has an incredibly low crime rate, thanks to harsh punishments – even the ownership of chewing gum is prohibited! Singapore’s transport system is slick and punctual and this contributes to the fact that 98% of citizens feel safe when in the city at night. I’ve visited Singapore three times now and can attest to the fact that the city feels very safe and I’ve never encountered any issues.

In second place is New Zealand which again has a very low rate and is actually 18th on the global safety rank.

In third spot is Taiwan and fourth is Japan which is placed 11th on the global safety rank: the highest ranking on this list!

Next up is Australia, followed by Hong Kong, which I’ve explored six times (so far) and which feels incredibly safe; in fact wandering around Causeway Bay at midnight on a Friday and Saturday night is a whole different experience to being in the UK at the same time!

In seventh spot is South Korea, followed by Mongolia, Vietnam (which is in 12th place on the global safety rank) and finally, in tenth spot, Kazakhstan.

Solo Travel Tips and Advice

Solo travel can be an amazing experience and the perfect opportunity to go where you want, when you want.

All you need is a basic common sense approach, tips such as buddying up with other travellers when using taxis or using a tour guide. Dress accordingly and with respect, avoid wearing ‘bling’ jewellery and wear an across-the-body bag to minimise bag snatches. There are areas in Asia (and indeed across the world) that are more prone to pickpockets, so keep your bags on your front, with the zips faced forward and fit a small padlock to backpacks etc.

Our post 10 Tips and Advice for Safe Solo Travel Around The World covers plenty of common sense tips and advice on the subject.

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