Avoid the Nightmare of Intercontinental Packing!

by Jules on June 3, 2013

Travelling throughout Southeast Asia and Australia is a wanderlust dream. This particular area of the globe is so desirable for travellers because of its wide range of diversity. It’s rich in many different kinds of foods, languages and traditions. This span of the globe is also home to several different kinds of climate, geography and economies.

However, the same diversity that makes this region such a strong draw for travellers can also make it very difficult to pack for. What should you leave at home? And what can’t you live without? Here’s how to avoid the nightmare of intercontinental packing.

First things first. Remember to pack light, which means you’ll have to think about how to not waste space on unnecessary items. Some items will inevitably make sense to leave at home, but the real work of packing is in sorting out what things you think you need but could really do without. For example, it might seem like a good idea to pack mosquito nets to help you sleep comfortably, but many hotels and hostels will provide you with a net when necessary. It’s much more effective to take malaria pills, which you may not need but are worth packing since they take up minimal space.

Another kind of item you’ll want to keep out of your backpack is books. They’re heavy, so they’ll just slow you down. However, if you really love to read, it may be better to buy an e-reader that can hold all your favourite novels. You should also forget stocking up on shampoo and conditioner. Everywhere you’re going will have people who use those items regularly, which shouldn’t make them too hard to find. And lastly, there’s no point in lugging around a blow dryer, laptop computer or any other electronic item; you’d also have to buy and pack a converter kit to make them work properly with any outlet you find, and even then they may not turn on.

However, once you eliminate all these packing don’ts, you can focus on the real excitement by making a list of stuff that you really won’t be able to live without. If you’re just going for a casual trip, bringing along one appropriate nightlife outfit for having drinks or dancing. In fact, it’s a good idea to make a list of women’s holiday clothes that you’ll need for all occasions. Just remember that since you’ll be travelling in different climates, most of your clothes should be quick-dry, weather adaptable and comfortable.

Last but certainly not least, consider what you can pick up while you are on your travels. If you are going to Southeast Asia en-route to Australia then be sure to stock up on any goods you might need before jetting off Down Under. The cheap and cheerful nature of Asia can lead to a huge culture shock in Oz so be proactive!

Ultimately, you’ll enjoy your journey more if you’re not weighed down by material things. It may be helpful to envision yourself throughout your trip. What kinds of items to you see yourself carrying from place to place? And which ones don’t even register on your scale of necessity? If you can strike the right balance between needs and wants, you’ll be more likely to pack just right for your intercontinental journey.

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