7 Incredible Full Moon Photographs [PICS]

by Jules on June 2, 2013

The full moon lunar phase is shrouded in folklore and mystery: ancient calendars are set by them, deities are names in honour of them and festivals and parties are held to celebrate them. The full moon has inspired books and movies for years, linking mythical werewolves and vampires in Gothic horror stories. Whatever your thoughts, there’s no denying that glimpsing a full moon on a clear night is a beautiful spectacle. These are just 7 incredible full moon photographs that we’ve come across;

Full moon over Manhattan, New York, USA

Pale moon highlights Venice, Italy

Full moon illuminates the sea and the Isle of Man

A full moon hovers over the Athens Acropolis, Greece

Miami’s South Beach basks in the moonlight, Florida

A full moon competes with Shanghai’s lights

Assos in Turkey is bathed in moonlight

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