Greece is the Top destination of this summer

by Jules on May 3, 2013

A tour of one of the major historical circuits throughout the Mediterranean area is making a series of trips around the ancient cities of Greece with its leader the ruins at the top of the Acropolis in Athens where you can observe the construction of the ancient Parthenon along with a breathtaking view of the entire city and its historic center. It is well known that Mediterranean food is one of the most delicious in all of Europe characterized by dishes with spice bases and varieties of edible plants.

During your travels through Greece I predict a good time to go with the restaurants that serve the best food in the Greek style. Furthermore, you will discover that the citizens who are more extroverted show very warm hospitality, are cheerful and are welcome to entertaining and even long conversations with visitors or strangers no matter what time of day or season, you will see them out of their homes in bars or squares enjoying the afternoon.

Continuing to travel through Greece we will mention some other important aspects. It is imperative to remember that many of the streets of Greece, drivers of cars and buses do not usually stop at the pedestrian crossing, so it is best if you are careful!

Among the tourist attractions that appeal to the vast majority of tourists and visitors are its beautiful islands and beaches that are loved for their warm waters, sometimes a little too much for the warm summer season. On most of these islands you will find magnificent resorts and spas that will make your jaw drop. A variety of 4 and 5 star resorts that provide high service making your stay all the more magic. During the summer they flourish with life thanks to tourists ad it’s wise to check them out before it’s too late on Moreover, Greece is one of the few cities that still retains large tracts of natural landscapes and mountains where the red ocher mixes in the vegetation of the hills.

Remember that many times in the past Greece has been and will be appointed as the City of the Gods for its incomparable beauty and most of all for its high exposure to sunlight!

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