A Guide to Rome’s Best Food and Drink Hangouts

by Jules on April 30, 2013

Aside from its beautiful architecture and rich culture, food and drink is probably the best reason anyone can have to visit the stunning city of Rome. Rome hotels generally reflect the high standard of food one can expect, but you’re going to want to venture out onto the streets to find the true hidden gems.

It’s exceedingly difficult to compile a definitive list of all the best food and drink hangouts in the city. Here is just a handful that people tend to love, so make sure you try and drop into at least one of these places before you end your holiday in Rome.

Cul de Sac

This is one of the city’s first ever wine bars, established in 1977. Located on the square off piazza Navona, it has maintained its great standards of quality and service throughout the years. You can either sit outside on the pavement tables or inside next to the counters with all the food.

Aside from the massive range of Italian wines, you can expect a delectable offering of cheeses, cured meats, patés, and other speciality dishes. If you don’t fancy something heavy, they also offer light bites while you sample the wines. The pricing for both the food and wine is reasonable.

Cavour 313

This is a more traditional wine bar where you can come to rest your feet after you’ve explored the Roman Forum, which is close by. The bar is designed specifically for serious wine aficionados. There is not pretension or posturing, which is clearly indicated by their range of over 1,000 different wines.

As for the food, the menu is much lighter than most heavy Italian dishes, as with most wine bars. Expect soups and cheese platters. Where Cavour 313 stands out, though, is there dessert menu, which features delicious homemade delicacies, like their sumptuous almond granita. This place is just perfect to drop in for a glass of wine and a nibble before you go out to dinner.

Enoteca Provincia Romana

Featuring a crisp, minimal design, Enoteca Provincia Romana is a very popular, high-end wine bar. You should definitely try to book ahead, because getting a table can be quite difficult if you just turn up. The food is prepared in front of the customers, and again provides a refreshing alternative to the standard fare of Roman trattorias.

The menu features everything from bar snacks to full meals, which all reflect the traditional Roman provincial cuisine. It’s hard to keep it a secret and its popularity is spreading fast, so make sure you go before it’s totally impossible to get a table.

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