Discovering Europe: Top Trips for Rail Holidays on the Continent

by Jules on April 25, 2013

From the Grand Tours of the eighteenth century to backpacking in the current era, humans have always yearned to travel. One of the easiest methods of taking a trip to Europe is to explore the continent on a rail holiday.


Around January, many people start to dream of escape and then take a breath when they are reminded of petrol costs, language barriers and many other problems. Our ancestors used to travel in style and one of the benefits of taking a trip with a rail tour company like Great Rail is that most difficulties will be simply swept away.

The range of tours is vast, so if you’ve always wanted discover the latest clubs or follow in the footsteps of Chopin and Mozart, then you can take a train tour across Europe, visiting Berlin, Warsaw and Prague.


Shelley died in Livorno and Byron lived in Venice, and both cities are easily accessible by a train holiday. Alternatively, contemporary fashionistas will want to visit both Milan and Paris to investigate the latest style trends. Modern train holidays usually encompass hours or days for individual exploration. You will not be herded around the sights as if you don’t have free will, but the Tour Director will be sufficiently interested about your passions to point you in the right direction.


Switzerland has long been recognised as an epitome of natural beauty. A trip on the Glacier Express, which takes you from Zermatt to St Moritz, is a truly epic journey and the line has been in existence since the 1930s. If you’ve ever wanted to traverse through the Alps without any of the difficulties of booking hotels or buying mountain passes then the train really is perfect.

Alternatively, those who are interested in art and culture will really enjoy the ride through Catalonia. This vibrant part of Spain encompasses passion, festivals and the magical city of Barcelona. A trip to the Salvador Dali Museum is also included on this tour.

Film stars

Alternatively, you could always take a train holiday that will propel you to the very heights of society by taking you to the French Riviera. If you’d ever wanted to visit the home of perfume in Grasse, or see the original Pont d’Avignon, then this holiday will most definitely fit the bill.

You’ll have the opportunity to drop in on Monaco, and you might feel like a millionaire, even if your bank balance isn’t quite so healthy! The wonderful aspect of this type of holiday is that you can release your imagination and have a splendid time without sacrificing your budget.


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