Norman Peires, Mel B and Jade Jagger know where to go: Celebrity travel inspiration

by Jules on April 11, 2013

Celebrities know how to travel.

Sure, they have the money to splurge, but they also have a knack for picking the most beautiful and relaxing places in the world to spend their long, lazy holidays.

Mel B has a thing for Hawaii, Jade Jagger loves the Maldives, and travel company founder Norman Peires favours St Barts.

So when you’re planning your next holiday, follow in celebrity footsteps and wind up in some of the most amazing places in the world.

For the beaches

The Seychelles is where true paradise can be found – in the form of ivory white sand, the clearest water you’ve ever seen and shady palm trees stretching across the sea. This tiny group of islands in the Indian Ocean float off the coast of Africa and barely register a blip on the world map. They’re extremely popular with the super famous and extremely wealthy – probably because they allow for more privacy due to their slightly harder to reach location than other popular holiday spots. The private islands like Prague and Frégate are popular with celebrities and the royal couple, Prince William and Kate, are rumoured to have spent their honeymoon on North Island. But even the main island of Mahé boasts stunning beaches and a quiet lifestyle for all to enjoy.

For the landscape

Arizona may not be the first place that pops to mind when you’re thinking of luxury travel. But this American state has a whole lot of natural beauty to offer. Plus, if it’s good enough for Queen B and Jay Z, then it’s good enough for us. With the Grand Canyon as its showy jewel, this Wild West state attracts a swarm of visitors. And beyond the busy canyon, there’s much more. The unearthly vast expanse of Monument Valley on the Colorado Plateau needs to be seen. The bright red landscape is dotted with mountainous cliffs that really make you feel like you’re on a whole different planet. The Vermillion Cliffs is another natural wonder where deep valleys in the ground appear to be chiselled and carved by a God-like builder. What else could create such a dramatic landscape?

For the glitz

In terms of opulence, you can’t ignore Dubai. This grand city, built solely with luxury and glamour in mind, is now one of the world’s most famous cities. You’ll see plenty of wildly expensive cars flying down the highways, flashes of Prada or Gucci shoes popping out from under the bottom of a burqa, gold so yellow and pure it can’t possibly be real, and a whole lot of resort-style hotels seemingly with a minimum rating of 5-stars. Expect to spend your days shopping the gigantic malls, lazing by the pool at your hotel, and exploring the gold souks. Model Claudia Schiffer is just one celebrity who has spent time in the famous Arabian city. She stays, of course, at none other than the 7-star Burj Al Arab hotel, but there are plenty of other stunning hotels to choose from.

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