Top 8 Cruise Holiday Ideas for 2013

by Jules on March 31, 2013

Seeing a destination from the water can be a fantastic experience; enjoy luxury onboard facilities whilst stopping off at the key cultural and historical sites along the way. The popularity of cruises continues to grow and these are our recommended eight amazing cruise destinations.

Yangtze River Cruise
Travellers can enjoy a two week long adventure as they journey down China’s mighty Yangtze River. Notable sights along the way include the Three Gorge Dam, the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. Travellers can stop at various sights en-route and can even take an authentic rickshaw ride. Absorb China’s ancient heritage, historic museums and floating villages.

Egypt Grand River Cruise
Travellers should take the opportunity to explore the Egyptian wonders aboard a luxury cruise ship. Adventures typically last two weeks and travels along one of the oldest waterways on earth – the Nile River. Excursions en-route include the Alabaster Mosque, Citadel of Cairo, the famous Sphinx, the stunning Pyramids of Egypt as well as Egyptian Museums which offer a view of King Tutankhamen (King Tut) and several other ancient Egyptian rulers. This is a fantastic opportunity to explore Egypt whilst enjoying onboard traditions such as nightly bellydancing performances.

Mekong River Cruise
Take a fourteen day cruise on the ancient Mekong River and experience the cultural mecca of both Cambodia and Vietnam. The Mekong Delta is studded with open-air markets, rice fields, underground homes and tunnels are some of the sights awaiting you. There is an option to start your journey in Ho Chi Minh City and to take in the Cu Chi Tunnels en-route to the Mekong. A Vietnam cruise will pass through Cai Be, Vinh Long, Sa Dec and Tan Chau before crossing over the border into Cambodia. Here you can explore Phnom Penh, Chong Koh, Oudong, Kampong Tralach and Tonle Sap. The Mekong River stretches for 4,350 km as it winds its way through Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. How far you choose to travel depends on your budget and holiday allowance!

Thailand Kwai Cruise
Spend ten days travelling through the mysterious Orient onboard a cruise ship that journeys along Thailand’s Kwai River while surrounded by exotic jungles. Waterfalls, shorelines with elephants, cultural meccas, century old villages and cultural landmarks await you.

Russian Waterways Cruise
Spend a week travelling along the waterways of Russia which includes a trip along the Volga River and the Oka River. Stop off and explore Moscow’s Red Square and the iconic Kremlin, browse the many varied museums and galleries and wander the city’s ancient and historic churches and architecture.

Irrawaddy Cruise in Myanmar
One of the world’s intriguing locales is the country of Burma, aka Myanmar. Travellers can opt for a two week journey down the beautiful Irrawaddy River. Sights include many ornate pagodas and traditional monuments, bustling open-air markets, ancient jungle villages, historic buildings and many important archaeological sites.

Ukraine Waterways Cruise
Get to know fascinating Ukraine from the water, as you enjoy a superb week long river cruise that discovers this fantastic region. Stop offs include world-renowned cathedrals and church’s, centuries old settlements, homes of Russian tsars, local wineries, exquisite botanical gardens, opera’s and lush countryside steeped in colorful European culture.

India’s Golden Triangle
Enjoy a sedate two week river cruise in the heart of India as you meander along the Hooghly River. The Golden Triangle cruise takes in golden palaces, traditional villages, battlefield sites, stunning temples, Mahatma Gandhi’s Memorial, The majestic Taj Mahal and unique elephant rides. A wonderful experience waits as you glide down the Hooghly River.

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