Four Resorts to make 2013 the Year of Sun, Ski, Sand and Surf

by Jules on March 25, 2013

Three months into 2013 and the cold weather has many of us warming ourselves with thoughts of winter breaks and summer holidays.

Of course snow in a different setting – on the slopes of an alpine resort – is a totally different story, and it will take more than a few weeks of Siberian chills to put us of our skiing. But we’d be lying if we said the idea of the sun beaming down on us as we walk along the beach with the sea lapping around our ankles wasn’t heavenly.

So with that in mind, here are four resorts that have got us extra-specially excited.

Sun yourself in the tropical resort of La Caravelle, Guadaloupe

If it’s heaven you’re after, you can’t get much closer to it than Guadaloupe the butterfly-shaped collection of islands in the middle of the Caribbean chain that offers a cosmopolitan mix of French and local influences. The scenery will take your breath away and the food is just as good. The island of Grand Terre to the east is where you go to enjoy fantastic nightlife and excellent resorts while the western Basse Terre offers some of the most unspoilt nature in the region.

La Caravelle is one of Grand Terre’s finest resorts, offering fabulous luxury and blissful swimming in the shelter of a coral reef. Windsurfing and kayaking are also excellent while it’s a brilliant place to sail to the surrounding smaller islands of Guadaloupe from.

Skiing for all the family at Peisey-Vallandry, France

Club Med’s resort at Peisey-Vallandry offers all the luxuries and amenities you could need in the stunning setting of the French Alps. Learn to ski or snowboard under the guidance of expert tutors, no matter what your level, or just simply hit the slopes in this world famous ski destination.

Providing guests with pools, lounges, bar and live music, your day doesn’t need to close with the slope. Child friendly too, this Club Med resort offers childcare facilities and clubs, providing activities both indoors and out.

Stretch out on the world famous beaches of Phuket

As the largest (and probably liveliest) of Thailand’s Islands, Phuket offers more much more than just lounging on the beach. Get in touch with nature and explore Thailand’s lush national parks and rain forests, either on foot or by riding one of the famous elephant trails. Immerse yourself in the nightlife of countless bars, restaurants and hawker markets, where cheap drinks flow and authentic Thai cuisine adorn the menus. You can even learn the art of cooking the famed dishes with the popular cooking classes.

Club Med’s Thailand resort is situated right on the beach of the hugely popular island of Phuket. Whether you’re looking to relax or for something livelier, this resort can fulfil your needs. Offering numerous beach based activities, such as beach volleyball and soccer for the sport inclined, and full-board drinks and snacks for those that just want to kick back. Fully child-friendly, it offers childcare and children’s club facilities, so they never get bored.

Enjoy water sports at El Gouna-Red Sea, Egypt

Egypt has fascinated people for thousands of years with its rich history, but in the last ten or so years its incredible beach resorts have begun to establish it as a global tourism giant. The allure of ancient Egypt is never too far beneath the surface, but even if history bores you to death, there’s so much to recommend the coastline of the country where Africa meats Asia.

The El Gouna resort by the Red Sea is a water sports enthusiast’s dream. Diving is the particular highlight, with spectacular submarine sorties to be enjoyed. The resort welcomes children of all ages and provides a range of accommodation classes. If you do decide you want a break from the snorkelling and scuba, there are guided trips to Cairo and the historic city of Thebes to boot.

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