City Break Hotspots Perfect For Romance

by Jules on March 18, 2013

The idea of a ‘city break’ has become increasingly popular recently and there are many destinations in Europe that are only a couple of hours away for visitors from the UK. City breaks are perfect for a romantic trip, whether it is to celebrate a special occasion, or just to spend some quality time together away from the pressures and stresses of everyday life. Here are three tips for a perfect romantic city break.


Paris is known as the city of lovers and has a reputation for romance that is unrivalled by any other. The rich cultural history, range of museums and galleries and of course the great culinary traditions, all combine to make it a wonderful setting for the most romantic of holidays.

Flights to Paris can be found at some bargain prices all year round and trains from the UK take you to the heart of the city at Le Gare du Nord. There are splendid old world hotels and numerous modern chic boutique style offerings to suit every taste.

Whether sipping a coffee on a pavement café, walking along the banks of the Seine during the warmer summer months, or exploring the old markets and cultural centres such as the Pompidou Centre or the Louvre in the colder winter time – every season in Paris has its own kind of appeal.

World famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame, can become the backdrops of memories that last a lifetime.


Further east, Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and has been an important cultural central European city for over a thousand years. Prague was the capital of the old country of Czechoslovakia before it split into two independent countries in 1993, and the city subsequently became the capital of the new Czech Republic.

It is steeped in the history of a major central European country and the atmosphere provides a perfect romantic setting. The Old Town Square is the location for the world famous Astronomical Clock, whilst other tourist attractions include the historic Charles Bridge, which crosses the River Vltava with an elegant style. This has featured in films and literature as the setting for famous scenes between lovers over the centuries.


If you decide to use holiday advisors to give you some ideas of where to go for a romantic break, don’t be surprised if the world famous ‘floating city’ comes high on the list of suggestions.

Full of historical highlights and cultural landmarks such as the Bridge of Sighs and The Basilica of St. Mark’s, the city can best be seen from the iconic canal system that runs through it. What could be more special than visiting the famous sights and the more intimate and meandering ‘backstreet’ canals on a gondola? It’s a great way to get a real idea and ‘feel’ of the wonderful city that has been a destination of choice for lovers throughout the ages.

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