Four Fun, Free Experiences in Paris

by Jules on March 4, 2013

Many travellers consider Paris to be a little on the expensive side, yet whilst it’s true that the cost of visiting all of the city’s main attractions can soon expunge your holiday budget, there are plenty of great things to do in Paris that won’t cost you anything at all. With so many free attractions and cheap flights to Paris from Jet2, your break doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Here are four of our favourite activities you can do for free:

Take a Spooky Stroll

Exploring a cemetery might not sound like everyone’s idea of fun on trips to Paris, but the moody Père- Lachaise cemetery, the largest in the city, is certainly a unique experience. Among those finding their final resting place here are the poet Oscar Wilde, the composer Georges Bizet and the Doors vocalist Jim Morrison, whose grave site still attracts thousands of fans on pilgrimages from across the world each year to lay flowers, light candles and leave graffiti tributes too.

Attend a Fashion Show

Missed Paris Fashion Week? Well, some might say that it’s always Fashion Week in Paris, but every Friday at the Galeries Lafayette you can attend a fashion show, completely free. The show starts at 3pm and you’ll get to see the latest trends modelled on the catwalk with a commentary, before you head off to the shops to snap them up for yourself. You’ll need to reserve a space at the show you wish to attend via email first but don’t wait, the seats fill up fast.

See the Mona Lisa

The Louvre museum is usually on everyone’s to-do list when they travel to Paris, but if your visit coincides with the first Sunday of the month, you’re in for a treat. This is when the entrance fee is waived for every visitor, thus allowing everyone to marvel at the Mona Lisa, ponder the Venus de Milo and view the Victory of Samothrace, without spending a single euro! It goes without saying that queues are considerable on the Louvre’s free admission days, so get there early to avoid disappointment.

Explore the Notre Dame

Paris’ legendary cathedral is the official centre of Paris, and you can stand on the ‘Point Zero’ plaque, admire the Gothic architecture both inside and outside, and just generally take a look around at absolutely no cost. There will be a small fee if you want to enter the tower and the treasury, however.

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