10 Easy Ways to Save Money on Travel Accommodation

by Jules on February 17, 2013

Get savvy this year and use our useful tips and advice to s-t-r-e-t-c-h your travel budget as far as you possibly can;

Travel Off-season
It’s fairly easy to get discounts on hotel accommodation during the off-season, aka shoulder season. We hear a great deal these days about heavy discounts during these seasons and it’s high time we took up those offers! Such deals are created by hotels to lure travellers in and it would be rude, quite frankly, not to take advantage.

Be Flexible on Dates
And then the second rule, know your travel dates. When booking accommodation there is a need to look at the dates, a week ahead or even earlier if possible, to find out the price tag, and not that weekends mostly cost more than weekdays.

Bid for Hotel Deals
Certain websites allow interested customers to bid for a hotel or FriendlyRentals stay ahead of their vacation and allotment of rooms. This is another way to make the hotel stay more affordable and the time to do this is when there is plenty of availability remaining.

Book Last Minute
There comes a point when there is so much demand at your favourite hotel and you are left with no rooms to reserve. Don’t assume that your last minute booking will be futile. Sometimes people change their mind or just cancel their vacation. You may be the lucky one to take their spot.

Stick to Your Budget
The most effective road to a peaceful hotel stay is to look for a room that is within you budget. Most people brush the budget aside because they are so focused on other things. Some of your money problems will certainly work itself out if you pay attention to the total price.

Choose Your Location Wisely
What you may need most along with other features while choosing a hotel is the proximity to your places of your interest. The closer the hotel to all the key sights and amenities, the more the convenience, yet the higher the price tag. Strike a balance between a useful location, maybe a few more subway or tram stops outside of the city center and reducing the cost.

Sign-up for Rewards Programs
Focus on staying at the same hotel chain when you travel. This way you are entitled to rewards and loyalty programs that many hotels use to attract customers.

Know the Amenities
After doing fair amount of browsing the internet, you will come across features that you will have to pay attention to such as free breakfast, free internet service and other complementary deals. Make sure you take full advantage of all the amenities available!

Coupons and Promotional codes
It goes without saying that while booking a hotel room, you’ll want to get very best deal going. And to help with this, coupons and promotional codes come in extremely useful. Sign up to the daily deals websites that offer huge savings on accommodation.

Claim the Expenses
Finally, if your vacation is related to your work, there are great majority of employers who pay for all the expenses incurred during official trips including hotel stay. Take full advantage of this opportunity!

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